Baby Gendron’s Nursery {35 Weeks}

Happy 35 Weeks! Weight Gain: 23lbs; started out at 162lbs.

Workouts: No more spin instructing as of 30 weeks.

Check out my article on health and safety of spinning during pregnancy here! Currently, my personal workouts are about 3-4 times a week; 

1-2 times of yoga, 1-2 times of strength training and walking (1-2 x’s). It’s pretty sweet to know I still have a little left muscle – no heavy lifting since November for me. 

If you missed my pregnancy health and fitness post, click here!



  • Migraines: Very minimal, maybe once a week and a pill or two needed.
  • Exhaustion: I definitely am getting more tired but no napping. I am still managing to get at least 30 minutes of activity every day (walk, yoga or strength training).
  • Nausea: Still around here and there.
  • Others: Lower back pain, groin pain, varicose veins enlarged and a slight waddle.Food Aversions: I’m finally back to my old ways of eating with the except of new/old foods I picked up during pregnancy like pasta, mashed potatoes, cucumbers, donuts, cereal, bananas to name a few.

Food Cravings: For the past few weeks it’s been:

  • Cereal (Special K & Fiber One)
  • Plums, Cherries & Bananas
  • Starbucks Iced Coffee w/ Soy Milk
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Buttermilk Donuts


Maternity Clothes: I am now just wearing my large leggings, tank tops and dress with shorts underneath are my best friend.

Stretch Marks: My old weight loss stretch marks have stretched a but no new ones. Also have a few (very sore/ bruised) varicose veins on my right thigh. Still with my daily cocoa butter/ coconut oil slathering though!

Sleep: Sleep has been a struggle to get comfy and also she has been moving quite a lot.

Gender: It’s a girl; Samantha Julia ❤

Baby’s Nursery: Our apartment is a large one-bedroom and is large enough to have 1/3 of it designated for Baby Samantha’s nursery. I plan on getting a night stand or bookshelf for where that outlet is, not sure yet!The crib bed set/decor is the “Avery Collection” by Wendy Bellissimo; I’m in love with it!It’s girly, yet neutral enough not to clash with out room decor or furniture. We even have a storage room, which allows us to have more room in the dresser, closet and bedroom.  Baby Items Purchased: A few things: extra bed sheets, crib liner and a sweater.Also a couple of cute, long sleeve outfits for around 9 months since we didn’t have much fall/winter clothing for going out. We spotted a garage sale down the road and found a couple of “like new” toys with working batteries at $1.00 a piece! Looking Forward To: Meeting Samantha! Now that baby shower, moving, crib set up and apartment organization is out of the way, we just need to sit back and wait for August 4th (give or take)!

Question: Are you a fan of garage sales or thrift shops?

Any cool items you’ve found at one?


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8 thoughts on “Baby Gendron’s Nursery {35 Weeks}

  1. I craved iced coffee from Starbucks, too! It was more in the middle than the end but it was delicious nonetheless 🙂 Also, as a self-proclaimed peanut buter addict, I was surprised that I very rarely consumed it during pregnancy. So odd because I have been known to finish off an ENTIRE JAR from time to time… oh pregnancy. I can’t wait to see how my next one will be different from Charlotte. Hoping to get pregnant again in February. We shall see 😉

    PS – LOVING the baby belly!

  2. So excited for you! I think it’s great you’ve only gained 23lbs so far. It really does make a difference. I gained 25lbs this last pregnancy and it made a HUGE difference compared to the first. Everything you have ready looks so cute! Those like 5 weeks will go by very quick. You will be such an awesome mommy💖 one thing I do recommend is looking into breathing techniques and movements for using during labor. You never know if labor will stall and it helps prevent having to use any interventions! Praying that all continues to go well for you Sabrina!!!! Xoxoxo

    • Why thanks Elaine!!! I def know the instructing helped and staying active as I normally would. I’m sure the 5 weeks will go week. Heck 30 weeks flew and I’ve known since 5 weeks! I have learned some stuff though prenatal yoga but def going to do a bit more since I am done with work as of July 12th! Thanks Xo ❤

  3. I craved iced coffee basically my whole pregnancy. It wasn’t until the last 2 weeks or so that I finally caved in & enjoyed two. Looking back, I have no idea how I controlled the craving. Haha! The nursery is adorable. I love the giraffes.

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