Thinking Out Loud #17: Time.

Where has three weeks gone?Time really does go by fast. {three weeks vs. 10 hours old}

I am three weeks post-partum and down 14lbs (I gained 27lbs). I have to say today I woke up feeling refreshed. I think I finally got the hang of this little human’s schedule. But I think coffee does help a smidge 😉Speaking of coffee, have you seen pumpkin “things” are starting to come out?Can’t wait to have me some pumpkin spice lattes. Until then, I will enjoy more iced coffee and yummy greens on the side.I’m linking up for Thinking Out LOUD today with Amanda over at Running With Spoons. Thanks for hosting!Hope everyone is having a wonderful week 😀

Question: What pumpkin “thing” do you look forward too? I also love me some pumpkin fudge and donuts. #drool.


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