MIMM #40: Samantha & Co.

Did anyone see the marvelous blood moon last night? Obviously was way better looking then my picture. This week was another busy one.

Whole Food’s marvelous sandwiches anyone?I am starting work soon at a new place that’s opening up. This company that is geared towards fitness and education of moms and new moms, plus their babies up until the age 6! Details on that to come for sure.

This week I also had a coffee date with my friend. I had a marvelous snickerdoodle latte with a side of apple cider donuts. So good. 😀Still on a marvelous oatmeal cookie kick.

Must be the fall weather, maybe?

I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. 😀Question: What’s YOUR favorite thing about Fall?

I’d have to say apples, pumpkin and scarves!


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