Friday Favorites #11: Fun Finds!

How about that?

I am dropping  in today for a Friday Favorites! This week I went to places I haven’t gone to in a while and found some sweet things.

A calendar store at the mall had everything for 75% off. I snagged this planner for clients, etc. for less than $4! I also got a caramel body butter from a massage shop and K-cups from Wicked Cup in Salem, MA.They are only $0.75 each and its fun to try different flavors. Still cheaper than an iced coffee.

I haven’t had one of these fig bars in a minute! I forgot how good they were. Perfect for a carby needed breakfast on the go.Although oatmeal is cheap and something you could prep, there are days where I just want to grab it and heat it when needed. Not to mention be filled with awesome things. I found this for less than $2 and just had to try it. 20160128_081122-1_zpskn7dahkbIt did not disappoint, it was tasty! These juices were “buy 1, get 1 free.” I’ve never tried them and would never pay $3. Two for $3 is a much better deal. I will let you know how they taste! Let me tell you… I’ve tried Isopure protein water before and it was gross, sorry. I found Trimino and wow it was delicious. I could chug it all day; only has 28 calories and 100% B12. Recently, I “re-found” the Sunwarrior protein packets. It’s on my to-do list to buy a big size but for now, these packets will come in handy for those extra protein needed days. I “found” a new love of mixing Barre and Kettlebells for my Bootcamp Barre class. It is so much fun and a killer total body workout.

That’s a wrap for this Friday Favs post. Thanks Heather for hosting #FFavorites!Question: What is your favorite “health” drink that’s current in the market?


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