First Trimester Recap

Cravings {10 Weeks}

First Baby Purchase! {11 Weeks}

Snowed In {12 Weeks}


Second Trimester

Snowed In AGAIN {13 Weeks}

Theme? Giraffes! {14-15 Weeks}

Finding a Healthy Balance During Pregnancy {16 Weeks}

Healthier Cravings {17-18 Weeks}

It’s A… Girl 

Pregnancy Health & Fitness {1st & 2nd Trimester}

Halfway There! {20Weeks}“Sweating for Two” {21-24 Weeks}

Daddy’s Little Sunshine {25-27 Weeks} 


Third Trimester

Baby Shower {30 Weeks}Spinning & Pregnancy {Health & Fitness}

Baby Samantha’s Nursery {31-35 Weeks}

Maternity Pictures {36 Weeks}Home Stretch {36-38 Weeks}

Shoulders Chest & Tri’s for the Third Tri {Workout}


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