Twins {8 Months Old}

So much has changed since my last post about the kiddos. ❤36913014_10103464583528700_6853943170695168_n (1).jpgHarrison is full on crawling (started at end of month 6) and can lift himself to stand. It’s a constant battle to make sure he doesn’t fall on his head! His balance is getting much better day by day.

Ally is not there yet with crawling, but she does pivot and do a back crawl. I love watching both of them progress but they do it so differently and I find it fascinating. 36816334_10103464583593570_902011473679613952_nAlly chews her food better than Harry and prefers “regular food” like eggs and chicken. Harry has been more into purees like sweet potato, pear and pineapple purees.

They both love a smidge of peanut butter on a wheat wrap piece.36863480_10103464776127730_5214237073556373504_nAlly can also eat solo with pouches.  It just amazed me how different they are! 37037728_10103468563842120_5595797183539445760_nThe rice rusk teething cookies have been very helpful and even bread works. Harry has his two bottom teeth and Ally has one bottom tooth just about poking through.

They both dislike teethers which is funny to compare to their big sis. She LOVED teethers and we had a ton for her… and now useless. #momlife 😉36864573_10103464588528680_5407523095936237568_nWe also did their baptism at 8 months old. HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-4They behaved so well, I was highly impressed! The service was much better then Sammy’s and more relaxed for the kiddos.HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-5 The church that we found is very young family/ kid oriented, so we were very excited to have found it!HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-18That wraps up our 6-8 month update on the twins. Next one will be the ONE YEAR update. That is insane… it’s less than 4 months away!

Time sure does fly when you have kids.


Current Baby Favorites [Twins One Month Old]

Good morning y’all.

We’ve reach the one month mark with the twins!25152394_10103263227363070_5991542190137973480_nIt seems as if it’s been way more than three months… but that’s what happens with kids.

Time flies. ❤

Today, I’m swinging by to share with you some of my current favorite products that we’ve been using for our twin babies this past month.

Babyganics Eczema Cream20171204_141525I came across this cream on sale during the summer for under $4.00. I took the chance since Sammy had baby eczema when she was born and I figured one of two might [since it runs in the family and if anything its cream].

Alexandra is the only one with it and this cream has been fantastic at keeping her eczema at bay. I notice a difference in her skin if I don’t use it for a day or two. I highly recommend it if you have any little ones with eczema.

Honest Company Apricot Lotion20171203_105609Harrison on the other hand has very dry skin. This lotion (I’ve reviewed before), I’m not too particular on the smell but it does work wonders for his skin. I also use it for myself or Sammy, especially now during the winter season.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water25158324_10103263227313170_2590627264689166997_nSpeaking of Harrison, he has has been extremely colicky since coming home. We were using some gas drops on him (like we did with Samantha), but they didn’t do much.

As a last resort, we turned to gripe water, which is mostly fennel and ginger. It seemed to work almost instantly for him and he has been so much better.

Just an FYI, baby must be at least two weeks old, but we gave it to Harrison at almost four weeks of age to be safe.

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack20171130_142121I had a basic drying rack for when Sammy was using bottles.

However, once I babysat a little boy who’s mom had this “grass” drying rack, I knew I had to get it. You can fit so many more bottles and such compared to the other I had.

This rack is actually the smaller size, but it’s perfect enough. Don’t forget to check out these recommended baby bottles!

Grab Green Dishwashing Pods20171130_141707For those moments when I don’t feel like washing all the baby things by hand (like every other day), I found these dish pods.

You get 24 pods for under $7.00, which is a steal. Plus, they clean very well and are free of phosphates and dyes!

Dapple Pure ‘N’ Clean Everything Wipes
20171130_141737_001Lastly, I’ve been using these wipes to clean our kitchen table, Sammy’s eating chair, her toys and anything else she will get her hands on.

 I normally use this multi-purpose spray, but I had a $2.00 off coupon for dapple. It comes with 75 wipes and is also free of dyes and “yucky” stuff, which is great for the kiddies.

Check out Anna and Layla over at My Baby Care for some other baby essentials you may forget to add to your registry, but are definitely needed!


It’s been a crazy adventure so far with the twins home (they were in the NICU for the first two weeks) and having a toddler.25152399_10103263227512770_9001783999303221680_nNevertheless, our home is filled with tons of love. ❤


Honest Co. Review (#1)

Good morning friends and happy FriYAY!20170317_203629I am dropping in to review a few products from my Honest Company bundle I did a couple months ago. It took me a bit to really get a feel for the products; I didn’t just want to use them once or twice.

I still haven’t used the laundry packs, dish soap or swim diaper just yet. When I do, I will update you in a part two post.20170423_190444Shampoo + Bodywash: I actually purchased two of the lavender ones since I like using that scent for bath time to calm the toddler. I did like this lavender smell better than the Aveeno wash (which I was buying before).

I even used it on myself a few times and it cleansed my hair really well. I have fine and oily hair and it did not weight down my hair at all.Product-395-slide_with_zoom-61151bec-9efd-4cf8-b2cb-3bb44da8d211_normal_slideConditioner: Not going to lie, I purchased this one for myself. First of all, the orange vanilla smell was absolutely amazing. With my hair type, it’s hard to find a good conditioner that won’t weigh my hair down.

I had been using Wen for a while (and loved it) but I wanted to see if there was something cheaper that I could buy easier (the Wen subscription is just too much of a hassle).

This conditioner did not weigh my hair down and it always feels “flowy.” I used it on Samantha a few times and her hair was even softer once she used it. I am definitely getting this one again, but in grapefruit!Product-394-slide_with_zoom-9d6bc309-cd91-467c-b2e7-cf1dfd8ed021_normal_slideFace + Body Lotion: I really enjoyed the purely simple lotion that came in the trial size, so I opted to try the lavender. I was also running out of the Aveeno lavender lotion and wanted to have another handy.

Again, the lavender scent was WAY better in this lotion then the Aveeno. The Aveeno one IS half the price, but if you get a good deal on a bundle (the Honest Co. always have discounts), it can come out to almost the same price.
20170427_080321 (1)Multi-Surface Cleaner: This by far has been my favorite product from my bundle. I first used it when Samantha got market all over our front door.

I love that is doesn’t leave any harsh smells or chemicals behind. The grapefruit smell is fabulous, especially when cleaning the bathroom and her room.

Things get messy in our household, especially during meals. I use the cleaner every night on our kitchen table, stove top and counters. A definite must buy if you are trying out the Honest products for the first time.

I do like that you can purchase many of the Honest products at Target or Wholefoods – sometimes there are better sales too!

I will be purchasing the cleaner and lotion for sure in the near future. Those were my two favorites of the four, but if the other two are on sale, I will snag them. 😉

Question: Have you used any Honest Company products? If so, which are your favorites?

Mommy & Baby Favorites (5-7 Months Old)

Happy Thursday friends!

Samantha and I are going to do another Mommy and Baby favorite posts. Now some of these products we’ve used for a while but we totally forgot to share our thoughts on them with you! Let’s get to it, shall we?20160308_075949-1_zpspjqiik2lRegalo Portable Seat: This chair is awesome. It’s a traveling highchair (has straps to attach to a chair and a seat belt for baby) but it can also be used as an outdoor chair.

If you’re like us, we use it as a chair for her at the restaurant (way easier then a highchair at least for now). 20160308_130853-1We found it online on sale for under $12. It is worth it and will grow better with her then some of those other portable highchairs.20160310_082442-1Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System: Now we’ve been using this since she was 2-3 months. We had a few lullabies toys that just were not working. I asked one of my mom friends and she said this one worked for her son and now her daughter.

Let me tell you, Sam is 7+ months and it still works!

It has 6 different sound settings, but she likes Ocean, Heartbeat and Mozart. It also comes with 3 discs of projection images, her favorite is the jungle. It also comes with a blue “night light,” which we use sometimes. Best $23 ever spent.20160309_163220-1Organic Happy Baby Superfood Puffs: We’ve tried plenty of different puffs but this brand seems to be her family! It’s so cool to see that she has developed preferences for different foods and flavors.

We also love their probiotic baby cereal when her tummy is out of whack.20160308_131829-1Plum Organic Pouches: I’ve talked about these before but I do love them. I can always find these on sale somehwere. They also have coupons available on their site.

Sam gobbles up these pouches right away and they are very convenient for this mommy & baby on the go!20160308_134941-1Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush: With teeth and eating fruit, it’s time to brush those pearly whites! We have a few different types of finger toothbrushes but this by far is the best. It has two sides; a brush and a bumpy side for gum massaging.

We also use NUK toothpaste, safe to swallow for the babe!20160308_073051-1Fisher Price Little People Play House: This is an older model that my friend gave to us (her girls are 2 & 5 yrs old). It makes fun sounds with the toliet and phone and she likes playing with all the Little People.

I was planning on getting her a first doll house and then I got this one! Pardon the box but it’s way easier to keep her confined in a small enough space where the pieces aren’t going to far from her reach!Thinking-Out-LoudThat’s a wrap on our thoughts on some mommy and baby’s current favorites. We are linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursdays.

Baby Samantha {4M Recap}

 Happy five months to my beautiful baby girl! I remember this time last year being pregnant and hating the nausea.

I was living off of Starbucks Cool Lime tea and bagels. I find myself still in Starbucks and craving bagels. Samantha started eating some solids at the end of 4 months.

We are sticking with some rice cereal and a teaspoon of baby banana food for breakfast or lunch of organic brown rice cereal and baby sweet potato.We have been loving the Happy Bellies rice cereal. Plus it has probiotics for the belly! Since my work schedule varies, we try to give her one or the other, never both. Once she hits 6 months (and we both settle with work), we will get more consistent with a small breakfast/ lunch and dinner.

We have been using these spoons to feed her. We have others but I think because it’s thinner then the other ones, she eats better from these. The others are too wide for her tiny mouth. Sometimes just having these in her diaper bag make this mommy on the go’s life easy.

I do have a baby bullet which I am going to start experimenting with once she is eating more.

A couple of her favorite toys for the last couple of months have been: The VTech’s Busy Learners Activity Cube.The VTech Click & Count (sensing a pattern here?).Can’t forget My Pal Scout, especially for bedtime music!The Rainforest Jumperoo is a new favorite of hers.Other things she’s been using has been plenty of teethers, bibs, fun bath toys and random toys that shake. 😀

She is such a joy and happy baby, we got so lucky with this little love bug. That’s it for now! Until the next update and remember to see more posts HERE about all things baby!