Samantha {19 Months}

Hello blog friends! ūüėÄ

It has been far too long. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t posted since January 18th. Time flies with a toddler.

Today I’ll be sharing with you some 19 month updates on Samantha as well as some new favorite toys and products.

I recently decided to try out the Honest Company products. I’ve been doing a lot of Swagbucks deals – now I won’t go into detail but basically you get something called “Swagbucks” or SB and you can redeem them for giftcards.

I’ve received¬†Starbucks and Walmart giftcards just by filling out surveys or signing up for free trials (of course, be¬†sure to cancel them). If you want more info on Swagbucks, check out their site or leave a comment!

Back to Honest Company; there was a Swagbucks deal that if you signed up for the free trial, you’d get some “SB.” I decided to give a go because I have been wanting to try them out. I opted for the household products trial.20170311_101819Out of the five products, my favorites were the healing balm and the lotion. Samantha’s eczema has been acting up and this balm took care of it like a charm (not to mention some severe dry skin that I had on my nose).20170311_101825The shampoo/ wash smelled pretty good and the soap was great. I did also like the multi-surface spray cleaner, but I normally just get the Seventh Generation one.

I decided to extend my trial and do one month and once I try out those products, you’ll be seeing another review post, so stay tuned later this month. ūüėČ

Samantha is a whole 19 months as of March 6th. I cannot believe she is almost two.¬†She loves “singing” her ABC’s, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Ring Around the Rosy. Her favorite shows are Mother Goose Club and Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave!

We’ve been getting Samantha on weekly activities¬†to get out of the house and socialize.¬†Wednesdays or Thursdays we have Library dates. 17352351_10102902388876290_4881794624476578953_nSometimes they have story-time and sometimes they have a bunch of fun toys for them to play with. Fridays she has “Playschool.”

She’s been very into this button art by Alex toys set we got for Christmas from my mom.¬†It comes with different images and it’s great for those motor skills and learning colors!20170305_172428

I recently put this Crayola art studio together for her the other day since she likes sitting at the table in the library. She’ll color for a few minutes or play with stickers; she loves stickers!20170312_182247I will say, eating has been tough! She goes through her phases but at least still eats a decent variety.17191734_10102894301608240_6888381426610209264_oCurrent food likes:

We still aren’t into veggies, although she will eat some at playschool. She isn’t a fan of meat either. She was all for it before then fell off of it at around 11 months. I’m not too concerned because she eats plenty of foods with iron plus she takes a multi-vitamin (as per her doctor).

That wraps up what’s currently going on in our toddler’s world. It’s just amazing to watch her grow and learn each day!

Question: How’s your 2017 going so far? What are some of your toddler’s favorite activities and/or toys?



Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful Mothers, Step-Mothers, Mother-in-Laws, Grandmothers, Aunties and Mommy-to-be’s!IMG_20160506_184627Three posts in one week. Crazy! Guess there has been a lot of things on my mind now that I feel that I got the swing of this mom gig for now, of course.

There are things I wished I had thought about before I had Samantha. Looking back over the last nine months with her, I just wanted to smack a bit of my [9-10 month ago] self, but life is all a learning process, isn’t it?

  1. Don’t tackle things you are not 110% devoted to: If you read, you’ll remember that I signed up for a yoga certification. I was about 80% invested, to be honest. I wanted to do it, I was ready to get back into my yoga practice (hadn’t yet). I spent money on a certification (mostly online) and was doing the work little by little. Nausea and exhaustion really kicked in a month before she was born and I just couldn’t study. I said to myself “once she’s two months, I’ll start scheduling study days.” It worked for a few weeks, then I fell off. I was trying to build my work schedule back up with clients and classes [plus raise a baby and take care of my family] and I literally could not do everything at 110% capacity. I wanted my main focus to be on Samantha and family then work, house stuff, etc. Little by little studying went from three times a week, to one and down to none. Here I am a little over nine months postpartum and I haven’t practiced or studied since October. Sure there are plenty of folks who can do it, but the key is the investment; if you are NOT truly invested, you won’t succeed.
  2. Don’t be afraid to say NO:¬†Raising a family is not easy, nor is being a first time mom with our family being 45 minutes- 3 hours away (I know others have it worse). At least I work at a place dedicated to moms, so the majority could relate to what I was going through. As I mentioned in #1, I was trying to build my work schedule full of clients and classes. Every time someone asked for something I said “yes” because I wanted to appear the best and hard-working. What ended up happening? I burnt out when Samantha was about seven months old, the same time my Grandfather passed away. I was mentally [and physically] drained. Little by little I tried to cut back on a class or two and said NO when people asked for coverage. I had ZERO days off and no consistency for Samantha. Not to mention I was horrible to be around.¬†Don’t get me wrong, money is important to raise a family, but if you are not at your best, you are doing no one a favor.
  3. Everyone’s judging! Smile, nod and say fuck you:¬†In your head of course, unless someone is really just rude and disrecptful. I know I have people look at me when Samanatha is eating a piece of white bread that was a free sample but it’s soothing her teeth since she’s in pain. Or when she’s wearing short sleeves while I wear long but she is literally an over-heating human like her dad. Or when I gave her formula starting at one month old because I literally could not do breast feed 24/7. Let’s be real… we live in a modern society. We CANNOT do things 110% (remember that?) as we did during our ancestors. We have modern technology to help us with so many things. It it wasn’t for half of the store made things, I would have lost my mind! She doesn’t wear the expensive clothes, yes I will buy fifty cent jeans for her at Walmart. She has plenty of “hammy” down toys from friends and we can’t always afford to go to baby classes all the time.

At the end of the day what matters is the amount of love you give your child. There is no need for people to give you that “look.” I don’t give anyone that “look.” There are plenty of things I don’t agree with or care for that other parents do but EVERYONE is allowed to do what they feel is best. Their best is not what I think is best and that’s OKAY.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. There are going to be plenty of things over the course of my motherhood journey that I will look back on and say “what was I thinking.” For now, these things really stand out and recognizing them is allowing me to feel less stressed and provide some constancy, not only for Samantha and my family but for my life too.

It isn’t selfish to want your own happiness. When YOU¬†are happy, healthy and well, everyone around you pulls from that energy. “Happiness is contagious, so pass it on.Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-6.40.24-AM‚̧

9 Months Old & Current Favs.

Good morning friends!

Tomorrow Samantha will turn 9 months old. 20160503_192732Nine months! Just about the same amount of time she was almost done growing inside mommy’s belly. ‚̧

Today I thought I’d share some recent favorites & finds of mom and baby. These products have been used almost every day.20160505_091135-1NurturMe Eco Reusable Pouches:¬†We have a ton of jar foods! I wanted to use them up (for on the go), plus save some money on buying pouches. I found these on for $5.99 for 3. 20160419_075623Each pouch can be used up to 15 times! In essence, saves you 45 pouches. You can use them for smoothies and even liquids (though its a little messy).20160503_082135Fage Crossover Greek Yogurt: Sometimes¬†I need something quick for breakfast and need to eat something in 5 minutes before a client. I recently found these in the grocery store (there are a few other flavors, even savory) and love this flavor.20160503_082349It keep me full for a good couple of hours. If you spot them in your grocery store, try them out!20160505_091212-1Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup: We’ve tried various different sippy cups for Sam. So far this has me the most “successful.” 20160505_095656-1She’ll slurp out of the pouches, so I figured this would be easier. She still won’t use it much, but it’s a start.20160505_091344-1Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies: We’eve tried a couple of the flavors but so far she loves the cinnamon maple the best! These dissolve very easy so I feel okay to do dishes/ cleaning while she’s in the high chair next to me.

Other snacks she’ll have are yogurt bites, fruit or rice rusks.13133232_10102521548288880_6833252542587988877_nKashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie: As for mom’s snack, I almost always need a chocolate fit and something dark chocolate doesn’t cut it.

I found this flavor of Kashi cookies and keep them handy for when cravings hit, plus the fiber helps keep me satisfied!Thinking-Out-LoudI’m linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursday. Hope you are having a fabulous week!

MIMM #7: Work In Progress.

April has been a “lack of post” month for me. 20160414_083227To be honest not much “marvelousness” has been going on. 12963747_10102505017851010_469522879980991859_nJust work, going out for walks, science center exploring, house watching for a bit for the in-laws in New Hampshire and trying to get my fitness on.

If you are near Salem, NH, go check out Barre Chic’s studio!

Sometimes it’s good to be away from social media. Even though I view it each day, I don’t feel the need to post constantly anymore. Perhaps it’s that marvelous mom life?

“When life hands you lemons, take pictures.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still taking marvelous pictures but I use to post a lot on Instagram as well but find myself skipping some days. 20160412_121735Hey it happens right?20160412_122930It’s nice to not have to think “oh crap I need to snap a picture of this to post later.” It’s funny how our minds have adjusted to such ways.

Since when did they lower the fiber in Quest bars?! Not complaining!

If social media is involved in your business (like mine some what) then it’s on the brain 24/7.12801176_10102465341263210_3944079194812601495_nSpeaking of ¬†getting your fitness on… I have a free marvelous “Spring into Bootcamp” Facebook challenge going on.

If you’d like to join, comment below or send me an email at I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Hope¬†everyone has a great week!MIMMQuestion: What’s YOUR favorite thing about Spring?

TOL #6: Happy 8 Months!

Whoa now, where did 8 months go?20160405_164340-1.jpg I know it probably seems like nothing. I’m sure my mom asks “where did 27+ years go” for myself. 20160405_164900-1But seriously… feels like time is flying with this pumpkin.

Samantha can stand pretty well and pick herself up. Not crawling yet but she does a butt scoot and plank!12924615_10102497263880030_289449440078785306_n We’ve added some chicken, chia seeds and black beans this week to her diet and she loves them! Favorites still sweet potato, mango & apples.. oh and Elmo of course.20160403_181458-1She can say mama and papa, loves to play with her picnic basket and has learned to fake cry when she wants attention or when we say no. Houston we are in trouble.20160406_094839-1Now that I am 8 months postpartum, I feel good. My workouts are coming along and I have the strength I did before I¬† was pregnant. I’m proud of my progress; slow and steady wins the race.20160405_075152-1My eating has been more on point and I’m making sure to fuel myself right so I have energy to take care of her. That’s most important.20160404_115400-1Of course, having plenty of coffee during the week DOES help. Love me a spinach & feta wrap in the morning!20160401_165714And chocolate

I’m linking up for thinking out LOUD Thursdays. Hope everyone is having a great week, thanks for hosting Amanda!Thinking-Out-LoudQuestion: What’s your go to breakfast as of late?

MIMM #6: It’s The Simple Things.

Happy Monday folks!

If you’re in the New England area like me, your Monday is going to be filled with snow. It was just sunny and cool the other day.¬†20160401_180207-1.jpgBlah right? Ain’t nothing a marvelous cup o’ Joe can’t fix. 20160403_083612Or a quick and simple breakfast.¬†20160331_091231Or chocolate.¬†ūüėČ20160401_165714Samantha has been loving her Stonyfield pouches for breakfast (about 3/4 of the pouch). They are marvelous, quick and simple on a busy morning. 20160331_091924-1Speaking of busy, I found this marvelous flavor of “to-go” oatmeal by thinkThin. Was so delicious and I love that they use real vanilla.20160403_083535I also found a new YouTube channel for yoga;¬†“Yoga with Tim Senesi.”20160331_192939It’s super good for me since most of the times that I want/ can take yoga I am either working or having Samantha with me.20160401_104500We do have fun plenty of together. Especially on our marvelous Starbucks snack dates.¬†20160401_102935And that’s a wrap for this post! I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in Monday. Thanks for hosting!MIMMQuestion: Tell me something that’s marvelous for YOUR Monday today?

Easter Sunday & Such.

I’m probably a little late on sharing Easter Sunday thangs.20160327_131841 But hey… I think a few days late is okay by you guys right?

Samantha began Easter with her cute basket from grandma (my mom). I put a Happy Baby pouch & puffs (her favorite), a bunny¬†she picked one shopping day, a kitty nightgown and a mesh fresh food feeder.20160326_160650-1¬†Easter Sunday was spent at the in-laws house. We enjoyed some family time and ate a delicious dinner.20160327_132659Of course there is always room for napping.20160327_155215I found this “Immunity Boosting” water on sale at the market. It¬†has over 100% of Vitamins A, C, D, B12 and so forth. KarmaYou had to peel the sticker off the top and push the top inside, which released all the vitamins. It was pretty cool and this flavor was delicious. Definitely would buy again if it’s on sale.20160328_190828-1Samantha had been sick all last week, so I wanted to make sure I keep extra healthy while she was¬†coughing in my face. ūüė¶20160326_184056 She still managed to smile each day;¬†but she was miserable most of the time being congested, coughing, sneezing and having a mild fever sometimes.20160329_094136 As a parent, it sucks when you literally can’t do nothing. Monday she finally had an appetite and ate all of this pouch; organic kale, blueberries, bananas and brown rice!20160328_131419-1Thsi week, I treated myself to some Starbucks; found it at Target for only $4.99.20160329_151346-1Some “honey nut” M&M’s. Though delicious, they tasted like the peanut ones.20160327_184945Can’t forget some clearance finds at Target for mommy and baby.20160329_150805-1I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking out LOUD Thursday. Thinking-Out-LoudHope everyone is having a great week. If you’re in New England area, enjoy the beautiful weather!

Question: Which M&M’s flavor [or any candy] is your favorite?