Thinking Out Loud #14: Summer Vibes

Where has the week gone?

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. PiYo anyone?This week has been wonderful. From celebrating our anniversary. Having our 38 Week check-up. To some sweet packages. Plenty of smoothies have also been enjoyed. And lots of bunny funnies in between.Today I am linking up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud. Thanks for hosting!Question: What’s on your mind? Any weekend plans?


Shakeology Giveaway Winner

Happy Friday my friends!

Thanks to all that entered the Shakeology sampler giveaway. The winner is #11, Jordan!


For those who are interested in Shakeology and STILL want to try it, ASK ME about a pretty sweet discount!


Have a great weekend y’all 🙂

Thinking Out Loud #13: Healthy Living

Since this has been my last day of work, I’ve tons of thinking.I’ve been enjoying more time with Patrick. And the Bun-Bun.Cooking more.And trying to relax.Before my friend Jen [and before pregnancy], I was at the gym bodybuilding and spinning. I was healthy but I felt that something was missing.

The Beachbody community gave me that structure and that accountability that I’ve been seeking. I am very much into social media, specifically Instagram, and there are so many people on various Beachbody programs/Shakeology that it’s motivating!I wasn’t the type to do the “workout at home” movement – only on days during bad weather. But now with a precious baby girl coming, at-home workouts are KEY to my post-baby success!

The Beachbody community helps me stay accountable just as going to the gym would. I even don’t have to worry about working out at crazy hours because I want to get to the gym.Beachbody may seem “pricey.”

I am not going to lie, that’s how I felt. But I thought about a monthly gym membership cost and the fact that I enjoy taking group exercise classes, not just teaching, not to mention the money spent on gas.

Beachbody offers variety between it’s workouts and nutrition. And they WORK! They don’t have PiYo and Insanity classes at gyms for nothing you know – it’s because the workouts, work.

When you sign up for any Beachbody program through a coach you are getting it all in a one stop shop – the workouts, support, a personal trainer and of course, a coach! Beachbody supports my lifestyle – I can still teach classes plus do effective workouts at home.

So much has been on my mind between embarking on this new coaching journey, waiting for baby Samantha and restarting work in the Fall. If you have any questions on Beachbody, Shakeology or coaching, please feel free to email me {}. Did you enter my giveaway?

I am linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursdays. What’s on your mind?

MIMM #34: Shakeology!

Happy Monday my friends 🙂

So I have a bit of a confession for y’all: Let’s face it, I don’t do the best job getting my veggies in. I am sure many of you have heard of the Shakeology and they “oh so many marvelous things.”

Sure I get plenty of fruits, probiotics, protein and other vitamins & minerals in my diet.

But what about the greens and such?

That’s honestly what drew me to Shakeology – greens and superfoods! I’ve tried different green supplements and of course, trying to eat more veggies. Now with a baby on the way, I will be in need a nutrient dense, healthy meal – fast!

Enter Shakeology.I love that a serving (in Greenberry) has 130 calories, 17g protein, biotin, vitamin B-12, iron and much more. If you are interested in trying out Shakeology, check out the ingredients and info here.

Try a sampler pack, with SIX different flavors to try.

Vegan? They have a Sampler 4-Pack for you too.

I purchased Chocolate and Greenberry and tried it out for myself. In just a few days, I noticed that I didn’t feel so tired in the middle of the day. It gave me a nice little “boost,” the boost that I am looking for and will need once I have Samantha.Shakeology is such a marvelous [nutrient dense] meal replacement. I like to have it either as a mid morning meal (I have 2 small breakfasts) or a post workout meal. 

What will you benefit from Shakeology?

Strengthened immune system, repair and restore your GI system and reduced chronic inflammation. I am also doing the 21-Day Fix with plenty of modifications (and no Pilates Fix, just double Yoga Fix). Yes it can be done and I’m 37 weeks pregnant; I feel strong and marvelous after


GIVEAWAY: One person will WIN a 3-day supply of Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology and a Blender bottle! You’ll also get a FREE copy of FULL my Health & Fitness E-Book filled with tips, meal plan, grocery guide and more.

To Enter: All you have to do is comment to THIS post saying what is it about Shakeology that YOU like? What intrigues you? For me it’s the superfoods and greens. 🙂

Contest Rules: Entries must be submitted by July 16th. Winner will be announced on July 17th (blog post to follow).

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If you have any questions or are interested in Shakeology, please feel free to email me at

Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday. Hope everyone is well and has a marvelous week!