TOL #9: Thank YOU [+ Giveaway]


Did day light savings time throw you off this week?20161108_101938***

Oh, guess what? The Fit Coffee Mom Facebook page has reached 100 likes! This transition has been on my mind for a few months now. I have to say, it has been a tough going from Nutritiously Sweet to Fit Coffee Mom. BfastI had established N.S over the span of 5 years. I just didn’t feel much of a connection to it anymore due to my new “mom lifestyle.” 20160823_151440I still enjoy my sweets, but I don’t find myself baking as much anymore. From time to time, I will create goodies for Samantha like her toddler muffins or some healthier Reese for myself.20160914_174000 Other then that, it isn’t a weekly occurrence as it use to be.

As promised on Facebook, I am hosting a giveaway for reaching 100 likes!

It will include a copy of my virtual bookcamp e-book for FREE. Just in time for the holidays to whip your butt into pie eating shape. I’m just kidding, but in all seriously, why else would you want to burn extra calories?bootcamp#kidding #maybe 😉

Giveaway will include:

A $25 gift card to Target. Who doesn’t like Target? You can grab some coffee, protein bars and something for baby all at once. 😉

And as mentioned, my Virtual Bootcamp Ebook –4 weeks of fitness, health tips & more (a 29.99 value)!

How do you enter to WIN?*

Simple. Leave a comment below telling me what you are THANKFUL for this season. For THREE extra chances to win, you can do one or ALL of the following:

  1. FOLLOW the Fit Coffee Mom blog
  2. Click LIKE on the Fit Coffee Mom Facebook page
  3. Follow the Instagram page for fitcoffeemom.

Thank again for your support friends.

I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking OUT Loud Thursdays, thanks for hosting!Thinking-Out-LoudHave a great rest of your week. 🙂

*Giveaway closes on November 17th 11:59 EST. Winner will receive both giftcard and ebook via email by November 20th.


MIMM #3: Breakfast Lately.

Happy Monday y’all!

Can you believe it’s almost March? Literally where did the first two months of this year go? I feel like with a baby, time is going much faster then when I was solo or it was just Pat and I.20160226_140732It’s marvelous and bad thing; Bad because I want time to stop to enjoy moments more but marvelous because I want spring/ summer to come to take Samantha to the zoo, farm and such. Not to mention enjoy iced coffee without freezing my bum. 😀20160225_094925-1Marvelous is… free food. I love my iced coffee and it’s rare I’ll use a free reward for a drink, unless I’m craving a latte. I usually go for a sandwich or a protein box. They are too pricey for my taste, but free is always good.20151120_141204_zpsjuwehijaMarvelous is… a new cereal find. I had a coupon for $1 off a Kashi Cereal and they were on sale at my supermarket. Picked up this one and I love it. I mix in a little cranberries, sunflower seeds and soy milk. Delish!20160225_075737-1Marvelous is… a muffin find. I recently found Quaker’s frozen muffins. I am not a fan of eating many frozen things but you know what? Sometimes its just needed, especially since I am always on the go.20160225_143133-1 I had a mean craving for a donut and I ate a warmed muffin with some peanut butter & blackberries and boom. Craving satisfied!

Yesterday, I had a rare occasion where I didn’t have to be on the go in the morning and I got to enjoy a nice waffle and maple sausage breakfast. Iced coffee on the side, of course! 20160228_082318-1Marvelous is… progress! I reached my pre-pregnancy weight on Feb 8th. I’m on route to lose the last “5lbs” that will get me to where I was feeling my best at around 158lbs. 20160227_100104-1I reach 160.5lbs yesterday morning. I do feel good where I am at now; weight wise. I know toning up and working on building lean muscle is more beneficial at this point. I’m on to another round of Bootcamp tomorrow! bootcamplogoYou can join me too! Just click here for more info on my virtual coaching program.MIMMI’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Question: What do YOU enjoy for a big Sunday breakfast or brunch?

Favorite Spring activity?

Work It Out Sunday!

Happy Sunday folks!

I just wanted to say, I have been loving THIS song by DNCE. It’s just my jam at the moment.

I am dropping in to share a workout with you guys exclusively from my Bootcamp program. This workout is from week three of the program and is designed to get that heart pumping!

After you complete the workout finish off with 30 minutes with 30 minutes of cardio, whether it’s a running, walking, spinning, Zumba, you name it.

The holidays are upon us and there are goodies everywhere, not to mention high stress levels. Stay focused with a good workout.

This workout can be done at the gym or at home.

Back/ Biceps (Week 3)

Pulldown (cable or dumbbells) 3 Sets of 10

Squat to Upright Row 3 Sets of 12

**Spiderman’s 3 Sets, One Minute Each Set

Frontal Raises 3 Sets of 10

Bicep Curls 3 Sets of 15

**Mountain Climbers 3 Sets, One Minute Each Set

Seated Row (Or Bent Over) – 3 Sets of 12

Alternating Hammer Curls – 3 Sets of 12

One minute rest, then repeat two more times!


Don’t forget to get it while it’s on sale 😉

** Cardio Burst!

Friday Favorites #10: All Work!

Whoa… is it Friday already?

I feel like every time I write a blog post now, a million days pass by. Christmas is on the way and Samantha turned four months!My father-in-law took some pictures of her and these two were my favorites! With work, I have been having a ton of deadlines as the new year approaches. I’ve been relying on quick and filling meals to keep me going. This Vegan Chili is my favorite from Vegetarian Times, though I do add ground turkey making it not so vegan. Try it out! I do work in the fitness industry, so the new year is a big time to prep for! If you live in the Northshore Area (Mamas Move/ Oxygen Mind & Body) or lives in Chelsmford, Billerica, Tewskbury, Massachusetts area (Pro-Fitness Plus), you need to stop by for one of my classes!

Here is what my schedule looks like for the new year:

Mondays: 9:00am Tabata Sculpt (Mamas Moves)
Wednesday: 5:45am Sculpt (Pro-fitness Plus)
Thursdays: 6:00am Spin (Oxygen Mind & Body)
10:15am Kettlebell AMPD* (Mamas Moves)
5:30pm Cardio Kickbox (Mamas Move)
Fridays: 5:45am Bootcamp (Pro-fitness Plus)
Saturdays: 9:15 Tabata Sculpt (Mamas Move)
Sundays: 9:00am Vinyasa Yoga (Mamas Move)

Also if anyone is interested in in-person or my virtual Bootcamp program, you can click the image to sign up!

Via Facebook, this water bottle was the favorite and it comes FREE with your Bootcamp purchase. I have 4 spaces left in the virtual version and I’ll remove the link once it’s filled.I am linking up with Heather for Friday favorites, thanks for hosting! Hope everyone has a great weekend. 😀

Question: What’s YOUR favorite meal to make in batches?

Friday Favorites #9: Deals and Thangs!

Happy Friday Friends. 😀

I am dropping in for a Friday Favorites post.

I have been working on a ton of deadlines for work and personal matters; eating delicious things too, of course.Nutritiously Sweet is going to become a will a drop in basis, Friday favorites, MIMM posts, workouts, playlists, maybe some recipes here and there too!

I will try to make a post once a week for sure, but last week with the holidays and travels too NY, I had to play catch up at work. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving too by the way.I got to see the family and my uncle who is visiting. We went to the gym he made me and Starbucks was in order post hour spin seshThanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, then my birthday. But now with Samantha, I think my favorite is going to be her birthday. Speaking of Samantha, ePantry has a free diaper and wipe trial (just pay $1.99 shipping). If you want to continue the subscription you can, but be sure to cancel it to avoid being charged!Sunglass Warehouse has a ton of sweet shades for sale. My favorite ones broke and now I have a new fav. I love these amber lenses.I also found these new tortilla chips to try by Late July. They are SO delicious and organic… go by em’ now.The ladies at Mamas Move are killing it! I am going to be hosting bootcamp in Wakefield starting January 2016. For those not near me or want to go at it on their own time, I am going to have a VIRTUAL version starting January 4th! Right now it’s 30% off, so grab if for you or for a friend. Spaces are limited to 6 and there are only 4 left! Email me at for questions on the program! Check out a testimonial of my current client doing my regular coaching program who will venture to bootcamp:

I’ve been working with Sabrina to lose weight and get fit, and have been working off her meal and workout plan for the past three weeks. I’ve bought a handful of ebooks and joined other weight loss groups before, but am so much happier working with Sabrina. Before she provides you with your plan, you provide her with info regarding your habits, tastes, work-out preferences and she tailors it for you specifically. Her menu plan is based on reasonable, clean-eating principals. It is easy to follow and easy to modify as you need to. The workouts are a great combination of cardio and strength training, also easy to follow and modifiable to wherever you want to work out. However, the most valuable part of her program is her accessibility. What all those other programs I’ve tried have lacked is personal contact. When I have a questions, I ask her directly. She checks in weekly and makes suggestions to modify if needed, and more importantly, provides encouragement and accountability to stick with it. I look forward to seeing my 4 week changes at the end of this month, and to trying her Bootcamp next!

-Katie W.

Thanks for hosting Heather! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend. 🙂

Question: What’s YOUR favorite holiday?