MIMM #45: Baby’s First Christmas [Eve]

Good morning my lovely people! It’s the first Marvelous in My Monday of the new year.I am going to share a little of our marvelous Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Sweet cup, right?We enjoyed spending time with family and loved ones. Samantha was spoiled with so much love and gifts too!
We are lucky that everyone loves her as much as we do.76e6b2d8-ff4c-4f37-9507-6696970a3f89My fiancé brought some marvelous French macaroons for dessert (among other goodies). The vanilla and pistachio were my favorite!I got a ton of Starbucks for Christmas and Questies. #Theygetme. 😉

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now it’s time to get back on track and get 2016 going! Interested in Bootcamp?

Shoot me an email at NutritiouslySweet@Gmail.com. I opened up two spaces, grab them while they are available.

Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM!!Question: What was the highlight of your Holiday?


MIMM #9: Happy Holidays <3

For those who celebrate, I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!I had a great time in NY with the family, even with this little grinch!And the bunny, of course. Ms. Poops-A-Lot begs your pardon.I got a lot of good stuff, including copious amounts of Starbucks; 0ver $40!My favorite perfume and an iPod shuffle (for the gym) from the manfriend. And Questies from my littlest brother; think double this!I had some good city food like garlic knots and pizza. And even made some delicious protein donut treats!All and all, it was a fun and I enjoyed Christmas. It was definitely one of my favorites filled with love and joy. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and Happy New Year!

WIAW#81: Happy Christmas!

Hope everyone had a happy, happy Christmas to those who celebrated! I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying time with family, friends and loved ones. This WIAW, I am going to show you some of my Christmas and some random eats from my travels to NYC. You know #travelinggnome status?! If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the details. Enjoy!

wiawphotobuttonGuess what I had the other day? A protein pancake, but since I ran out of syrup I added some raspberry jam on top. Not to shabby, but I will stick to my maple drizzle.And some coffee for the road.I still managed to workout at home after my road trip. No excuses for this chick. Some of my gifts; they know me so well. I made some delicious cupcakes for post Christmas dinner.Would you believe I didn’t event take a picture of the actual dinner? I was too busy eating and enjoying family time. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and the weekend to come!