MIMM #41: #Staycation

This weekend? We spent it house watching in New Hampshire.

More like fur-babysitting! At the same time it was a mini stay-cation mixed in. Today’s weekend recap is hastag style so lets get too it!

#LazyCat #RubMyBellyPlease#WhatYouWant #DontBugMe #FidgetyMunckin #HappyBaby#BabyOnTheALMOSTMove #ExtraFidgety #PregnancyDidTHISToMyHair #NotToShabby #MarvelousMe#MarvelousProteinTruffles #MixedWithGranola #Noms#FreeCoffee #ToastedAlmondLattee #FreeIsMarvelous#LastPickOfSeason #ByeByeSummerI’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday.

Question: What will YOU miss about summer? I’ll miss fresh berries and tomatoes from the garden!

MIMM #40: Samantha & Co.

Did anyone see the marvelous blood moon last night? Obviously was way better looking then my picture. This week was another busy one.

Whole Food’s marvelous sandwiches anyone?I am starting work soon at a new place that’s opening up. This company that is geared towards fitness and education of moms and new moms, plus their babies up until the age 6! Details on that to come for sure.

This week I also had a coffee date with my friend. I had a marvelous snickerdoodle latte with a side of apple cider donuts. So good. 😀Still on a marvelous oatmeal cookie kick.

Must be the fall weather, maybe?

I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. 😀Question: What’s YOUR favorite thing about Fall?

I’d have to say apples, pumpkin and scarves!

Thinking Out Loud #18: Last Week Happenings

Whoa it’s been what, 10 days? This little pumpkin has been keeping me busy and work too. Speaking of pumpkin… donuts anyone? My mom came this past weekend to visit, it was so nice to see her!We had a nice time and enjoyed a quick trip to the farm. How funny a goat named after her dad? 😀I can’t wait til Samantha is old enough to enjoy the animals. Speaking of enjoying… coffee anyone?Lots have been needed with my busy schedule. And quick breakfasts/ snacks. I’m opting for these now as a healthier option to these. #CookieMonster 😉Those are some random things on my mind, what’s on yours? Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking out LOUD Thursdays.

Question: Have you tried Kashi’s soft baked cookies?

What’s your favorite pumpkin treat? Donuts and fudge are on my top list!

Friday Favorites #4: Coffee Buzz!

As a new mom, I need my morning coffee. Loving this iced coffee to go.#Starbuckslover.I got a Starbucks stock from my sister-in-law and Pat, my favorite.Why yes, I am breastfeeding – I treat coffee as I would beer, if I was having beer.

I was going to have an Angry Orchard at Samantha’s “meet and greet,” but I only drank 1/4 of the bottle. All things chocolate have been a favorite this week too.And this guy who is such an amazing father..Especially when he makes delicious meals. I’m linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites. Thanks for hosting!Question: Who’s YOUR favorite: Starbucks or Dunkin?

WIAW #124: Long Day!

Good morning y’all!

I am stopping by for a What I Ate Wednesday post today. I have a full day today (10am-9pm) with a couple of hours in between time. All meals were pre-prepped and packed!

I started my day off with some protein pancakes before heading to my doctor’s appointment. It’s been a while since I had em’ and they did not disappoint.  Of course coffee too.I had a thinkThin lean protein and fiber bar as a snack, just before the doctor’s. For lunch, I made a whole wheat wrap with turkey, Swiss, tomatoes and garlic infused olive oil. Mmmm 🙂 Afternoon pick-me-up!For a second snack (at work), I packed a fruit salad, Greek yogurt and string cheese. To satisfy my sweet tooth (had two) ❤ Dinner (at work) was some homemade Vermont pasta with homemade pasta sauce from this weekend.Thanks Jenn for hosting this food party!Question: Ever had one of those crazy long days where you’re home to just wake up, go and come back to sleep?

How do you tackle them?

Thinking Out Loud #8: <3

Today’s thoughts?

Dresses {26Weeks} ❤And all the Starbucks in the world!Donuts, can’t forget donuts!Fury friends… And pizza 😉I’ve been spinning more as of the past couple of weeks. I even did a double spin session on Wednesday, so a lot of carbs have been in order. #PostSpinSelfie.Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking of Loud! Spin and donuts and lattes are on my mind this Thursday.

Question: What’s on yours?