Tabata Tuesday #3: At The Barre

11698540_10102263228269270_5456906521248473284_nSince my pregnancy in late 2014, I have been very into Barre and “Barre-like” workouts. Barre has helped to keep me in shape while keeping my back pretty pain free.

I was a Tabata, HIIT, kickboxing and body building junkie before pregnancy (and lower back injury from early 2014, but that’s another story).

But with severe back pain, I ended up going to physical therapy and my doctor suggested thanking things down a hundred a few notches.

Barre is low impact, yet very effective for toning up. It incorporates light weights and high repetitions as well as a “barre,” mini balls, resistance bands, etc.barreFor an great article on Barre workouts, click HERE. Most barre classes will have a similar structure: There is a warm up that will include planks and push-ups.

There will then be a series of arm exercises followed by a lower-body section to work your thighs and glutes with or without the barre. Finally, you’ll finish with a series of core-focused exercises and a cool down.6-barre-workout-lessons-to-apply-to-any-workout-01-722x406I still try to get some cardio (spin or Arc Trainer) in because Barre doesn’t really get your heart pumping as much as a Tabata or HIIT class would, which is why I decided to do a Barre Inspired Tabata routine just for you!tabata-clocks_15aAll you need is a timer (I use a HIIT Interval Timer app on my phone) and a set of light weights (no more then 5lbs, I used 3lbs). Set your time for 8 rounds, each round being 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes… and GO!

‘Barre Inspired’ Tabata [8 Rounds, 32* Minutes Total] 

  1. High Knees (to modify, bring one knee up at a time for a “standing crunch”)
  2. Tricep Push-ups (on knees if needed)
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Plié to Overhead Press (add heel lift for extra challenge)
  5. Plié Jumps (stand in a plié and JUMP!)
  6. Bicep Curls & Hammer Curls w/ Lunge Pulse (alternate between the curls for each round)
  7. [Weighted] V-Up’s
  8. Leg Lifts to Knee In’s
  9. [Weighted] Hip Lifts w/ Heels Lifted


*Be sure to warm up and cool down!

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20-20-20 Circuit Training Workout

Instead of a Tabata for ‘Tabata Tuesday’ in October, I am going to share with you a sweaty circuit training workout, I’ve been having some of my clients do as of late.

This workout has 4 rounds; each round has 3 exercises that you perform 3 times total for… you guessed it… 20 repetitions each. I love this workout when I am pressed for time and want a really good total body workout.

As a mom, those “pressed for time” moments are more often then not. Best of all, you’ll need just your body weight but feel free to add in a set of weights for any exercise with ** next to it. And go!


Be sure to warm up and cool down before any and every workout. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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Work It Out Sunday!

Happy Sunday folks!

I just wanted to say, I have been loving THIS song by DNCE. It’s just my jam at the moment.

I am dropping in to share a workout with you guys exclusively from my Bootcamp program. This workout is from week three of the program and is designed to get that heart pumping!

After you complete the workout finish off with 30 minutes with 30 minutes of cardio, whether it’s a running, walking, spinning, Zumba, you name it.

The holidays are upon us and there are goodies everywhere, not to mention high stress levels. Stay focused with a good workout.

This workout can be done at the gym or at home.

Back/ Biceps (Week 3)

Pulldown (cable or dumbbells) 3 Sets of 10

Squat to Upright Row 3 Sets of 12

**Spiderman’s 3 Sets, One Minute Each Set

Frontal Raises 3 Sets of 10

Bicep Curls 3 Sets of 15

**Mountain Climbers 3 Sets, One Minute Each Set

Seated Row (Or Bent Over) – 3 Sets of 12

Alternating Hammer Curls – 3 Sets of 12

One minute rest, then repeat two more times!


Don’t forget to get it while it’s on sale 😉

** Cardio Burst!

Spinning & Pregnancy

I recently had a spin instructor at one of the locations I teach ask me about how to optimize one of her student’s spinning experience while pregnant. This is definitely a great question, especially for those who are experienced at spinning. I did a lot of my own research, talked to my doctor and just used my own judgement when spinning.
You can read more information on spinning and pregnancy through here.
  1. What precautions should you take when spinning?
    • My doctor recommended using a heart-rate monitor and/or checking your pulse from time to time during the class. You must be able to carry a conversation while spinning, no exceptions!
    • A TON of in and out of saddle movements are not recommended as your belly expands (round ligament stretching/ pain). I noticed I had to limit those movements around 26 weeks. Also, be sure to hydrate before, during and after class.
  2. How can I optimize my spin class experience?
    • Since you may not be able to go as fast or move quickly through different positions, adding more resistance (then usual) because it forces more strength training – even during sprints.
    • Sprints = HIGHER heart rate, which you want to avoid. Having that extra resistance, makes a difference since with spin it’s very easy to overexert because it’s so high energy.
  3. What clothing should I wear?
    • Loose, breathable clothing. Nothing too tight, especially for the upper body. I wore yoga pants that had a fold over to hold my belly up (or you can purchase a belly band) and a loose tank top.
  4. When should I STOP spinning?
    • Use your best judgement! Between 28-32 weeks is the average time most women will stop spinning – not only because of energy levels decreasing, but because the belly get too heavy and there is a lot more stretching and much more relaxin present.
    • I noticed around 28 weeks, my legs would almost give out (due to more relaxin present) when I can out of the saddle in position two/ standing jog.
    • This is not safe, so I stopped spinning at 30 weeks, especially from the ligament pain and heaviness (I’ve gained 20lbs). Now I’ve been walking and doing yoga for my workouts.
If you are looking for general fitness information during pregnancy, you can check out my post on fitness and health during pregnancy. It includes information on workouts I did during first and second trimester.
Need your very own personalized workout program, meal plan or lifestyle plan? Check out my online coaching section here!
*As always, pregnant or not, remember to consult your doctor or physician before performing any exercise/ program*

15 Minute HIIT Total Body Workout

I was going to release this post tomorrow, but I like the idea of Fitness Friday. Let’s roll with it, shall we?
Are you pressed for time?

I’ve been loving Kettlebells lately, but the workouts do take 30-40mins. Don’t have 30-40mins to complete my Kettlebell Total Body “Torch” Workout? Well you’re in luck!

I covered a spin/flex combo class last week and designed this HIIT/ Circuit training workout. It targets everything, just like the kettlebell total body torch – shoulders, back, triceps, lower body, abs, you name it. Difference is, this workout is only 13-15 minutes and it will get your heart-rate pumpin’ – promise!

Feel free to pair this HIIT workout with a 30-minutes cardio session or even a yoga segment post workout. IF YOU want, you can repeat 2-3 more times. Obviously that would increase your time, but know it’s an option if you have the time.

For this workout, I used 10lbs weights, but feel free to use what is challenging for YOU. Now grab a timer (like the HIIT Timer app, Gym Boss, etc.) and go! —>

Warm-up: Warm up for 3-5 mins either with jumping jacks, jogging in place, cardio machine – you get the idea.

Perform each exercise, in each round for 30seconds then rest 10seconds in between. Repeat for each round.

Round One

  • Shoulder Press
  • Upright Row
  • Alternating Lateral Flies
  • Tricep Extension

Cardio “Burst” – Push-ups for 45 Secs.

Round Two

  • Deadlifts (Sumo or Straight Legged)
  • Bicep Curls
  • Weighted Lunge (Right Side)
  • Weighted Lunge (Left Side)

Cardio “Burst” – Mountain Climbers for 45 Secs.

Round Three

  • Dolphin Plank w/ Leg Lifts
  • Dolphin Plank (Hold)
  • Plank With Row (Right Arm)
  • Plank With Row (Left Arm)

Cardio “Burst” – Plank Hold for 45 Secs.

Don’t forget to cool down after 🙂


{Need your own personalized workouts or meal plans? Check out my online coaching here! Remember to consult your doctor before performing this and any exercise routine.}

Question: When you’re pressed for time, what’s your go-to workout?