Thinking Out LOUD #25: Microwave’d Pancake

Ever have those times where you just feel plain lazy?

Not to toot my own horn but it rarely happens to me. I’m the go-go-GO type. But with work, family and the babe… sometimes being lazy is easier! I made a microwaveable pancake, similar to this recipe from way back in the day.This one was “lazier” then the first.

It’s 1/4 cup whole wheat pancake mix, 1 Tbsp quick oats, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, dash of Stevia and liquid til desired consistency. Microwave for 3-4 minutes and top with your favorite thangs. ūüėČ

I’ve been wanted to make a good latte but I just waited for a freebie. #ventigoodness.Lunches have also been easy peasy. This veggie burger n’ stuffs is still my go-to!I’ve been teaching more classes, including a Barre “Bootycamp.” I needed more workout clothes, so my brother got me this shirt on Etsy for Christmas. Samantha went to her first little shindig at my friend’s house for the game. While she is quite adorable, I am just not a football fan. Baseball on the other hand is a different story. Talk to me in April! Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking Out LOUD Thursdays. Sabrina, OUT. ūüėČQuestion: What’s your favorite sport?

If you don’t have a favorite, what is your favorite event that occurs on the tube?


MIMM#38: One Month Old.

Someone turned a whole month yesterday. To celebrate, we ate some spiced apple caramel cupcakes.¬†What a¬†marvelous week it has been. I’ve been using this Juice Beauty green apple¬†moisturizer and it’s been doing wonders for my skin.¬†It’s from the Citrus Lane mommy and baby boxy my sister-in-law sent.Samantha loves the purple rattle, complete with a mirror on the back!¬†Can’t forget about marvelous and free lattes.Or¬†my first spin class back!And a new favorite protein bar. Today Pat and I are enjoying a day off.

We’ve been go, go, go all the time so a nice stroll through the park, pizza and movie night is in order.

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day and week ahead!Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday.¬†ūüėÄ

Question: Have you ever done a box subscription?

What’s your favorite group exercise class?

Think Out Loud #17: Hello September!

Where has summer gone? Oh yes, I was pregnant most of it. Can you believe¬†I was 40 weeks pregnant almost a month ago?Can’t¬†believe¬†Baby girl is soon to be a month old this week.And can’t believe Dunkin¬†has pumpkin out. #PumpkinEverything ūüėČ My doctor told me that I could start testing working out at the two week mark. But when it hit, I knew I wouldn’t be ready for another week.

I took my first spin class this week since May 20th.

¬†It felt good to be back on the saddle, but I did take it easy. I went to Oxygen, Mind & Body and class was great! You should check them out if you are in the area.Great thing about that studio is that there is Whole Foods near by. I get to stock up on trail mix and oatmeal cookies.¬†The vegan ones from Whole Foods are delicious. #CookieMonster ūüėÄI’ve also become obsessed with these Good Health veggie straws.And these.¬†This week was my first week back instructing and I feel pretty good. Love seeing this face when I come back home.I’m linking up with Thinking Out Loud for today, thanks Amanda!Hope everyone is having an awesome first week of September. ūüôā

Question: Are you an oatmeal raisin cookie fan?

Veggie Straws: yay or nay?

Spin Playlist #2: End of Summer.

I’ve been gathering music for my Fall Spin playlists.

I am oddly sharing my “current top 11 songs” on my playlist. Get it?

For you spin folks out there, isn’t this beyond true?¬†ūüėÄ


1. Lean On (feat. M√ė) by Major Lazer & DJ Snake¬†(love¬†this for a warmup)

2. Ghost Town by Adam Lambert (starts off as a slow hill then gets heavy as the beat progresses Рkiller)

3. Another Lonely Night by Adam Lambert (same as song #2 Рheavy hill progression)

4. Can’t Feel My Face¬†by The Weeknd¬†(isolations and hills combo)

5. Sparks by Hilary Duff (jumps mixed with a little hill)

6. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy (sprints РI like to throw in jumps too)

7. Honey I’m Good¬†by Andy Grammer (fun for sprints)

8. WhooHoo by Christna Aguilera Ft. Nicki Minaj (jumps all throughout)

9. Five More Hours by Deorro X ft. Chris Brown (sprints/ recovery song)

10. When The Beat Drops Out by Marlon Roudette (cool-down)

11. Renegade by X Ambassadors (awesome cool-down tune)


And there you are, my current top 11 songs jammin’ on my playlist. What’s on YOURS?

{Playlist #1: click here.}


Spinning & Pregnancy

I recently had a spin instructor at one of the locations I teach ask me about how to optimize one of her student’s¬†spinning experience while pregnant.¬†This is definitely a great question, especially for those who are experienced at spinning. I did a lot of my own research, talked to my doctor and just used my own judgement when spinning.
You can read more information on spinning and pregnancy through here.
  1. What precautions should you take when spinning?
    • My doctor recommended using a heart-rate monitor and/or checking your pulse from time to time during the class. You must be able to carry a conversation while spinning, no exceptions!
    • A TON of in and out of saddle movements are not recommended as your belly expands (round ligament stretching/ pain). I noticed I had to limit those movements around 26 weeks. Also, be sure to hydrate before, during and after class.
  2. How can I optimize my spin class experience?
    • Since you may not be able to go as fast or move quickly through different positions, adding¬†more resistance (then usual) because it forces more strength training – even during sprints.
    • Sprints = HIGHER heart rate, which you want to avoid. Having that extra resistance, makes a difference since with spin it’s very easy to overexert because it’s so high energy.
  3. What clothing should I wear?
    • Loose, breathable clothing. Nothing too tight,¬†especially for the upper body. I wore yoga pants that had a fold over to hold my belly up (or you can purchase a belly band) and a loose tank top.
  4. When should I STOP spinning?
    • Use¬†your best judgement!¬†Between 28-32 weeks is the average time most women will stop spinning – not only because of energy levels decreasing, but because the belly get too heavy and there is a lot more stretching and much more relaxin present.
    • I noticed around 28 weeks, my legs would almost give out (due to more relaxin present)¬†when I can out of the saddle in position two/ standing jog.
    • This is not safe,¬†so¬†I stopped spinning at¬†30 weeks, especially from the ligament pain and heaviness (I’ve gained 20lbs). Now I’ve been walking and doing yoga for my workouts.
If you are looking for general fitness information during pregnancy, you can check out my post on fitness and health during pregnancy. It includes information on workouts I did during first and second trimester.
Need your very own personalized workout program, meal plan or lifestyle plan? Check out my online coaching section here!
*As always, pregnant or not, remember to consult your doctor or physician before performing any exercise/ program*

MIMM #27: Busy Bee!

I pretty much did post much last week.

This week seemed to fly by between work, projects, appointments and a million errands. On Thursday, Pat and I went to see an apartment (which was a fail) but¬†at least lunch at Red Robin’s was marvelous.And dessert later was just as marvelous. Last week, I also participated in a¬†marvelous¬†photo shoot for one of the studios I work for.And had a delicious lunch after. So simple!This past weekend, my mother-in-law and I started prepping some goodies for the baby shower.Homemade lollies (also in dark and yellow-white chocolate) and bags with “It’s A Girl” Hershey kisses.Also a few personalized candy mason jars with custom M&Ms for a few special ladies in my life ‚̧And ended with marvelous DIY tinted eos lip balm making (check YouTube for vids).This week is not too busy, but the apartment search will continue. Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy MIMM and thanks Katie for hosting!

Question: Did you have a busy week?

Any favorite DIY projects you have?

MIMM#26: Mother’s Day <3

Happy “belated” Mother’s Day to the beautiful mamas and mamas-to-be for Samantha & I!My parents were so sweet and sent me a marvelous little package. I totally wasn’t expecting it all – I was super emotional. I had to work all day (which was fine) but it was nice to be [pre-]appreciated.

Patrick bought me flowers, cake and this card with pearls! #Hegetsme ūüėČ I treated myself to the marvelous Frappuccino¬†happy hour at Starbucks. Motherhood is no easy task. My mom was strong and raised three wonderful children. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our mama.

Love you mom ‚̧

Did you see my marvelous 15 minute quick HIIT total body routine from this weekend? If not, click here. I promise, you’ll work your¬†bodygood! I also have a new ‘Workouts’ tab where you’ll find a collection of my personal workout routines I’ve shared.

Post-workout recovery¬†smoothie anyone?Kitty wants too ūüėČThanks Katie for hosting MIMM and hope everyone had a lovely weekend!Question: Did you partake in Starbucks¬†Frappuccino happy hour this past week?