Things I’m Loving!

September is officially over! Like where did it even go?42662801_10103540434033680_2691828142397456384_o.jpgOctober is one of my favorite months. Fall weather at it’s prime, pumpkin everything (and everywhere), chilly nights and Halloween.41793154_10103528223264160_5553430775728177152_nI’m absolutely loving all the cozy feels, hot coffee and crisp days.42727197_10103540435221300_5163152754012585984_n.jpgOh, and if you missed my Fall decor post, CLICK HERE to check it out!42615296_10103540434747250_674597048460247040_n***

We are trying to soak up this beautiful weather each day [as long as it doesn’t rain].42604188_10103539106329410_4131519712800538624_nWe even made it to apple picking last week. 42622681_10103539106653760_7421176838598164480_nThe toddler had a blast and the weather was perfect.42611747_10103539106484100_797218003983794176_nSpeaking of fresh air…. I love that it’s still nice out to workout outside. It’s definitely one of my favorite feelings.42648979_10103539107467130_3609409250482192384_nI’m either working out to one of my routines or doing Barre3 online workouts.

I’ve been doing Barre3 for a few months and I absolutely love it to supplement my Tabata/ HIIT workouts.42608141_10103540225781020_664535688137408512_nI’m down 12lbs and fit into my pretwins clothes – yay [for plaid]! I’m only 3lbs away from prebaby weight but the scale doesn’t really matter to me as much anymore.

If you are interested in my online coaching program, feel free to shoot me an email at

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall season! Until the next post. 🙂


Currently: Health & Fitness (1st Trimester)

20170517_135316First trimester… second time around is 100 times worse. Know why? Because there are TWO of them!

“Hey mom, you know there’s two on here right?”20170517_133526I think I was nauseous and fatigued from about 3 weeks (if I had to guess). At 6 weeks, my morning sickness was through the roof, my migraines have been killing me and I have been so much more tired. I dealt with morning sickness and migraines with Samantha but it didn’t really hit til about 9-10 weeks.

I also started “showing” a bit at about 6 weeks and I was having a hard time “sucking it in” at work. But now knowing that there are twins, explains why everything was happening so much sooner.20170518_105417My fitness routine, has drastically changed sooner then when I was pregnant with Sammy. I’ve just been trying to walk and move whenever I can (aka active rest day). Squats and jumping are extremely uncomfortable sooner this time (took be about 24+ weeks last time).

My goal is to do Barre 1-3 times a week [as I teach 3 Barre classes a week] and try to take 1 Pure Barre class on my own, plus take an Orangetheory Fitness when I can.

Here’s what my current fitness routine looks like during the week:

  • Monday: OTF
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: Barre Class
  • Thursday: Active Rest Day
  • Friday: Strength Training Day
  • Saturday: Cardio Barre it’s been more of a miss then hit!
  • Sunday: Active Rest Day

It hasn’t been perfect one bit. I’m lucky if I get 2 workouts in a week, but I really try to keep moving regardless. Things are going to come up or happen, especially being pregnant with twins and having a toddler.

I’m learning not to stress too much with this pregnancy.  I’m trying to focus on eating as healthy as I can and try not to get down too much if I miss the gym due to nausea or migraines. I know hope that in a year my body will start to get back to normal.IMG_20170518_083425_485I was craving green beans for the longest but now all I want is bagels, cereal & Cheez-it’s (which I haven’t eaten since junior high school). Coffee was the first thing to go. I really haven’t drank coffee since our “honeymoon-ish.”

Sonic neuro mid-morning has replaced my caffeine if I really need it. Since it’s 100mg, that all I’d do, since “recommended” during pregnancy is less than 200mg or 2 cups of coffee.20170524_083651We are very excited and nervous all at once. This is going to be quite to experience, especially already having a toddler on hand. Hoping to get Sammy potty trained before the winter (no pressure, of course), that would just be a huge help on diaper costs.

Here’s to the next SEVEN months! 😀

Question: Any twin moms out there? What’s your best piece of advice?

MIMM #7: Work In Progress.

April has been a “lack of post” month for me. 20160414_083227To be honest not much “marvelousness” has been going on. 12963747_10102505017851010_469522879980991859_nJust work, going out for walks, science center exploring, house watching for a bit for the in-laws in New Hampshire and trying to get my fitness on.

If you are near Salem, NH, go check out Barre Chic’s studio!

Sometimes it’s good to be away from social media. Even though I view it each day, I don’t feel the need to post constantly anymore. Perhaps it’s that marvelous mom life?

“When life hands you lemons, take pictures.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still taking marvelous pictures but I use to post a lot on Instagram as well but find myself skipping some days. 20160412_121735Hey it happens right?20160412_122930It’s nice to not have to think “oh crap I need to snap a picture of this to post later.” It’s funny how our minds have adjusted to such ways.

Since when did they lower the fiber in Quest bars?! Not complaining!

If social media is involved in your business (like mine some what) then it’s on the brain 24/7.12801176_10102465341263210_3944079194812601495_nSpeaking of  getting your fitness on… I have a free marvelous “Spring into Bootcamp” Facebook challenge going on.

If you’d like to join, comment below or send me an email at I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Hope everyone has a great week!MIMMQuestion: What’s YOUR favorite thing about Spring?

TOL #6: Happy 8 Months!

Whoa now, where did 8 months go?20160405_164340-1.jpg I know it probably seems like nothing. I’m sure my mom asks “where did 27+ years go” for myself. 20160405_164900-1But seriously… feels like time is flying with this pumpkin.

Samantha can stand pretty well and pick herself up. Not crawling yet but she does a butt scoot and plank!12924615_10102497263880030_289449440078785306_n We’ve added some chicken, chia seeds and black beans this week to her diet and she loves them! Favorites still sweet potato, mango & apples.. oh and Elmo of course.20160403_181458-1She can say mama and papa, loves to play with her picnic basket and has learned to fake cry when she wants attention or when we say no. Houston we are in trouble.20160406_094839-1Now that I am 8 months postpartum, I feel good. My workouts are coming along and I have the strength I did before I  was pregnant. I’m proud of my progress; slow and steady wins the race.20160405_075152-1My eating has been more on point and I’m making sure to fuel myself right so I have energy to take care of her. That’s most important.20160404_115400-1Of course, having plenty of coffee during the week DOES help. Love me a spinach & feta wrap in the morning!20160401_165714And chocolate

I’m linking up for thinking out LOUD Thursdays. Hope everyone is having a great week, thanks for hosting Amanda!Thinking-Out-LoudQuestion: What’s your go to breakfast as of late?

MIMM#4: Happy 7 Months!

Happy Monday folks!20160305_103209 It’s been a crazy week. Can we say #gains? #sevenmonthsPOSTpartum.

Marvelous is… this babe! She turned Seven Months on Sunday. Like whoa, wasn’t I pregnant last year?! 20160306_115352-1Oh yes I was and clearly don’t remember a thing from it. 20160306_115355-1Which is good, because pregnancy was tough. 20160306_115521-1Marvelous is… getting back on my gluten-free wagon. I do have an intolerance to gluten but I chose to just take probotics to easy the stomach pain and they do help.20160306_073503-1But I’ve just been feeling too foggy, so I am going to at least cut the cereal and donuts. Cookies? Well I can always make my flourless cookies or head to Starbucks for some.

Marvelous is… getting organized. Remember my making habits post? So I decided to go through Sam’s clothes and organize them. 20160304_152116-1She’s fitting into 12-18 month clothing these days, so I got to organizing 24M to some 3T items we have.

Marvelous is… this guy. I love watching them both interact. He is such an amazing father to our pumpkin!20160305_145854Marvelous is... Plum Organics! Since we still haven’t retried the green beans/ peas and the babe and I are always on the go, these veggie combos are awesome. She gobbled this combo right up!20160303_134144Marvelous is… yogurt melts. We ventured into these this weekend and she didn’t like them at first but after a few tries, she loves them. I like to have things on hand for her. 20160304_145955-1Of course she id still taking about 4-5 bottles depending on the day and if teething is really bugging her.20160303_154320I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Thanks lady for hosting. 😀MIMMQuestion: What’s YOUR favorite on-the-go item or snack? 

What’s YOUR BEST organizing tip?

Upper Body Kettles!

Dropping in on this “Work it Out” Tuesday to share a “mostly” upper body Kettlebell routine!
I used a 10lb Kettlebell, but use what works for you! Most of these moves can be found online. You can also shoot a comment below too.Happy Working Out 😀
Workout: Do 3-4 Sets! (Warm-up with 4 sets of 15 Swings)
Squats to Press – 12 Reps
Single-handed Kettlebell Swing – 8 Reps (Right Arm)
Single-handed Kettlebell Swing – 8 Reps (Left Arm)
Kettlebell Swings – 16 Reps
Upright Row – 12 Reps
Halos – 8 Reps (Right Side)
Tricep Extensions – 12 Reps
Halos – 8 Reps (Left Side)
Kettlebell Plank With Row – 8 Reps (Right Arm- Start in plank then row)
Kettlebell Plank With Row – 8 Reps (Left Arm)
Question: What’s you favorite Kettlebell move?