Thinking Out LOUD #22: Christmas Eve.

Happy Christmas Eve folks! 
1048233_10102400078704900_5863583484291539654_oShe can hardly wait. ❤

The holidays are an exciting time, but they can get stressful. Be sure to take time for yourself and unwind. Making sure that you fuel yourself right too. It’s easy to forget about nutrition during these times. Donuts are usually on my mind, so I am glad to find an alternative to my vice. This one is a must try. 😉How could I forget about Samantha’s new sister/ Christmas gift? Meet our adopted child, Leia. Yes we watch Star Wars. #nerds 😀

Hope everyone enjoys the holidays! Nutritiously Sweet will be on break until January 4th! Stay tuned for some fun posts including more workouts, yoga poses, healthy living tips and more. Thanks Amanda for hosting thinking out LOUD Thursdays!

Question: Any special holiday plans?

We are off to my in-laws tonight, then we are hosting Christmas lunch. #foodcoma. 😉


MIMM #9: Happy Holidays <3

For those who celebrate, I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!I had a great time in NY with the family, even with this little grinch!And the bunny, of course. Ms. Poops-A-Lot begs your pardon.I got a lot of good stuff, including copious amounts of Starbucks; 0ver $40!My favorite perfume and an iPod shuffle (for the gym) from the manfriend. And Questies from my littlest brother; think double this!I had some good city food like garlic knots and pizza. And even made some delicious protein donut treats!All and all, it was a fun and I enjoyed Christmas. It was definitely one of my favorites filled with love and joy. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and Happy New Year!

Love & Truffles

This week there has been a lot of truffle making. And coffee drinking…There is a new protein truffle special for the holidays. If you are ordering in person it’s 8 truffles for $5.00 and if ordering online it’s 12 truffles for $10.00 including shopping! That’s right 12 truffles, $10.00 and free shipping. Be sure to get yours here!And for holiday flavors I am introducing almond mocha and peppermint bark! Be sure to check out my protein truffles and order yours today. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

So This Was Christmas <3

I hope everyone, if you celebrate of course, enjoyed their Christmas. I woke up bright and early Christmas morning to get in some yoga just in case things got to hectic later in the day, which they did of course. Mr. Hercules decided he’d rather sleep in a tiny bit more then yoga with me.

After my mini workout, I had a protein pancake by the Christmas tree with some cinnamon toasted almonds and coconut. Perfect way to begin the day.

Our Christmas Tree ❤

I got a ton of awesome presents from my family. Here are some of my favorites! I got so many socks that I think I’m pretty set for the winter. I love fuzzy socks… do you?

I also got my favorite dark chocolate of the year, Ghirardelli!

My brother got me these awesome ski earmuffs. I don’t ski but I know they are going to be keeping me mighty warm.

He also got me the fourth book from the Cirque Du Freak series. I know it’s more for teens, but hey… I love the story line.

I thought this chocolate calculator was too funny.

My mom got me this mother-daughter necklace. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

After the unwrapping and cleaning the mess from the presents, I baked some sugar cookies for the family. Too bad I can’t have them, they smelled delicious.

For lunch I made myself a “healthy pepperoni pizza hot pocket.”

I took a brown rice wrap and put spinach, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, basil and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Just cook it like a quesadilla and voilà!

For a “snack”, I had some of the dark chocolate squares and homemade hot chocolate with Allan. He came over to spend the afternoon portion of Christmas with us. Of course, we hung out with the little brat.

I made some yummy cupcakes before dinner to have them ready for dessert for the family. They are always a hit!

The traditional Christmas dinner in my house is spanish pork aka “pernil, ” yellow rice with Pidgeon peas and whatever else is cooked up. I had some tostones and romaine to go along with this fabulous dish! Kudos to my mom ❤

Dessert was the peppermint bark parfait I showed you earlier. Allan and I split one and we just relaxed for the rest of the evening. Christmas was wonderful this year and I hope the new year ahead brings tons of amazing new adventures!

Question: How, if celebrated, did you spend your Christmas?