Thinking Out Loud #18: Last Week Happenings

Whoa it’s been what, 10 days? This little pumpkin has been keeping me busy and work too. Speaking of pumpkin… donuts anyone? My mom came this past weekend to visit, it was so nice to see her!We had a nice time and enjoyed a quick trip to the farm. How funny a goat named after her dad? 😀I can’t wait til Samantha is old enough to enjoy the animals. Speaking of enjoying… coffee anyone?Lots have been needed with my busy schedule. And quick breakfasts/ snacks. I’m opting for these now as a healthier option to these. #CookieMonster 😉Those are some random things on my mind, what’s on yours? Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking out LOUD Thursdays.

Question: Have you tried Kashi’s soft baked cookies?

What’s your favorite pumpkin treat? Donuts and fudge are on my top list!


Thinking Out Loud #4: Simply Random

Good morning y’all. If you haven’t checked out my Vermont recap, you should! I took some nice pictures and had some delicious eats.We were celebrating our more then halfway mark to meeting Samantha ❤ {21 Weeks}Speaking of delicious eats, there is nothing like coming home to flowers, Quest bars and Cabot Cheese. Or to a little bunny who thinks it’s always feeding time.And thinking of cute things reminds me of the walk Patrick and I took to Endicott park. It has a little barn with some animals. This guy was straight enjoying the sunshine.Today is a busy work day for me, pretty much 12:00pm-9:30pm. I’m going to need some more coffee to keep me going! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and rest of your week 🙂 Thank’s Amanda for hosting thinking out loud!

Question: Do you love the spring weather for those random walks? Or for the sunshine and warmth? Or both!? I am all for spring and summer to come asap!

Coffee, Donuts & “Latelys”

Nothing like starting your day with a homemade latte. Or cinnamon oatmeal pancakes  Or your fiance waking you up to ask you what you would like from Starbucks. I decided to try out the new Tiramisu latte. I didn’t really like it, was too sweet and tasted like a mocha. If I wanted a mocha, I’d get a mocha!I’ll stick to my iced soy lattes, thank you.And donuts anyone. They are my #1 weakness right now and sometimes breakfast. #Guilty.Baby has been pretty snack-y lately for lunches and dinners; raspberries, string cheese and Triscuits have been our thing.Or the lemon vanilla Luna bars if we are on-the-go.Sometimes good ole Kashi Go Lean comes in handy too for those nights I am nauseous.Oh and by the way, I officially have gained 5lbs during this pregnancy! Here is a before and after from week 12 to week 16 (2/17).I have been feeling pretty good overall, but the migraines are still there. 

Glad I can handle some coffee but still no greens (until it’s spinach on pizza).Life’s about balance, especially the preggo life.