Daily Eats [2016]

I was asked to post a bit on my daily eats.

For the most part, breakfast and snacks stay consistent. Since I have been on the go for most mornings and don’t have a microwave on hand (I had cold oats), I’ve been doing cereal (Fiber One Honey Cluster, Total Whole Grain, Special K) adding a little fruit/ nuts/ seeds mixture plus some fat-free milk. Some days I do soy. This plus my morning coffee keep me going for a few hours. I usually munch on more fruit, a string cheese or a Kind Bar for a snack. The bars come in if I have a long day of teaching. Lunches I keep it to sandwiches or Boca veggie burgers. My favorite sandwich combo is turkey, Swiss, cucumber, tomatoes and spinach on wheat bread. As a side I will have pretzels, baked Lays or Late July tortilla chips. They are delish.If I am home for my “mid-afternoon” snack, I will have a smoothie (protein powder, some fruit and maybe almond/ soy milk). My on the go version is some Greek yogurt. Noms!Dinners vary and sometimes look the same as lunch. Pat and I eat dinner about 3-4 nights together depending on our schedule. I love this chili recipe from Vegetarian Times! I use ground turkey to make it non-vegan and nix some of the spiciness.When I’m solo, I will do either a sandwich/ veggie burger or any leftovers that I froze from previous dinners. This one below is a combo of a previous dinner and veggie burger.After dinner, I’ll sometimes munch on a cookie or a little dark chocolate. All things in moderation right?  😀

Question: What are some of your daily go-to’s?


WIAW #126: Protein’d.

If I may say, I’ve been doing a pretty good job during the past few weeks getting my protein in; 120g+!

This my number one struggle during this pregnancy. I’ll have good weeks at 110g+ of protein, then others maybe 85g. My body feels good getting in at least 110g.

My muscles are working overtime to support and make baby. For this What I Ate Wednesday, I’ll be showing you some of my protein’d up eats. Enjoy!

Breakfast: Going back to oats; 1 packet of sugar-free maple & brown sugar instant oats (I need the added iron), 1/2 scoop of peanut butter marshmallow Cellucor whey, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1/3 cup frozen blueberries & 2 tsps crunchy peanut butter.Snack #1: I made this smoothie last week, but I am enjoying it again. It’s delicious and refreshing post-workout.It’s a Cherry, Cherry-nilla Smothie: 1/2 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder, 1 Chobani Simply 100 Black Cherry Container, 1/3 Cup of Pitted Cherries, 1/2 of a Frozen Banana, 6oz. of Water, Handful of Ice & Blend!

Lunch: Now that I am at officially on “maternity leave,” lunches are quick. I like to do veggie burgers with fruit and pretzels.Snack #2: I’ve been hooked on the Luna Chocolate Salted Caramel protein bars. Perfect for running errands. Dinner: Subway sandwich. You can’t go wrong with lots of turkey, veggies all toasted up.Night Munchies: I had a little bit of everything; Trader Joe’s popcorn, light Swiss cheese wedge, grapes & some reduced-fat Wheat Thins! I’m linking up with Jenn for WIAW. Thanks for hosting! Question: What’s YOUR favorite protein filled snack?

MIMM #30: #Cravings

Marvelous is organizing and doing fun DIY projects.Since we finally got our furniture all settled into the new place, it feels more like home.
Now it’s all about putting up fun pictures and decoration. Oh, hello! Maybe just take a cat nap?Marvelous is bagels and Subway. I use to hate Subway until I got pregnant! #Cravings.Still with the cereal cravings. #AllDayEveryDay!And enjoying marvelous drinks, like this one.This week? I am going to rest some more, I am so beat! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and thank you Katie, as always for hosting MIMM!

Question: Are you into DIY decorating or do you just get pieces that match and are all set?

MIMM #27: Busy Bee!

I pretty much did post much last week.

This week seemed to fly by between work, projects, appointments and a million errands. On Thursday, Pat and I went to see an apartment (which was a fail) but at least lunch at Red Robin’s was marvelous.And dessert later was just as marvelous. Last week, I also participated in a marvelous photo shoot for one of the studios I work for.And had a delicious lunch after. So simple!This past weekend, my mother-in-law and I started prepping some goodies for the baby shower.Homemade lollies (also in dark and yellow-white chocolate) and bags with “It’s A Girl” Hershey kisses.Also a few personalized candy mason jars with custom M&Ms for a few special ladies in my life ❤And ended with marvelous DIY tinted eos lip balm making (check YouTube for vids).This week is not too busy, but the apartment search will continue. Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy MIMM and thanks Katie for hosting!

Question: Did you have a busy week?

Any favorite DIY projects you have?

WIAW #124: Long Day!

Good morning y’all!

I am stopping by for a What I Ate Wednesday post today. I have a full day today (10am-9pm) with a couple of hours in between time. All meals were pre-prepped and packed!

I started my day off with some protein pancakes before heading to my doctor’s appointment. It’s been a while since I had em’ and they did not disappoint.  Of course coffee too.I had a thinkThin lean protein and fiber bar as a snack, just before the doctor’s. For lunch, I made a whole wheat wrap with turkey, Swiss, tomatoes and garlic infused olive oil. Mmmm 🙂 Afternoon pick-me-up!For a second snack (at work), I packed a fruit salad, Greek yogurt and string cheese. To satisfy my sweet tooth (had two) ❤ Dinner (at work) was some homemade Vermont pasta with homemade pasta sauce from this weekend.Thanks Jenn for hosting this food party!Question: Ever had one of those crazy long days where you’re home to just wake up, go and come back to sleep?

How do you tackle them?

“A Day In The Life Of” A Fitness Instructor

Good morning y’all.I decided to bring back “a day in the life of” posts. I have done them in the past but what will it consist of?

Each week (or every other) I will post something different; this week is about a fitness instructing day, next is a day in NYC. The following posts could be about pregnancy, a day off, who knows?!

I will be posting these either Thursday or Fridays. And for your convenience, there will be a new tab at the top called “Day In Life,” where you will find all these posts.

You’ll also noticed the other tabs have been updated as well. Check them out and enjoy!


Thursday 2/19, 7:15am: The alarm sets off and it’s time to get up. Lie; I delay for another 5mins and stay snuggled in the blankets. By this time, Pat already woke up and is getting ready for his day.

7:25am: Brush my teeth, wash my face and all those “little morning things” get done.

7:30-7:40am: Tall glass of water! Gotta hydrate for the long day ahead, plus prep breakfast. Today I had oats w/ a smidge of maple, cinnamon and peanut butter topped with raspberries, Kashi Go Lean and a decaf soy latte on the side.7:45am: Get dressed quick, grab my [prepacked]gym back, warm up the car and head to class!8:25am-:9:45am: Make it to the gym and get read for Stretch & Abs and Tabata class. Today I focused mostly on abs and shoulders for Tabata class.

9:45am-10:15am: Get a quick back, bi’s and tri’s workout in.10:30am-12:00pm: Call my mom (she’s off from work), run a few errands and munch on a snack.12:00pm: Get home, work on the blog, make lunch (multiseed bagel w/ 1 egg, 1 eggwhite, cheese and tomatoes) and relax.1:00pm-2:00pm: Download new music and work on some Spin playlists for this week.2:00pm: Start cleaning up the house a bit [and munch on some M&M crispy]. It was pretty messy, I’ll spare you the image 😉4:00pm: Start prepping dinner and eat before Spin class; whole wheat pizza wrap for him and hot dog & tomato wrap for moi! I know a little different, but really delicious!6:00pm: Drive over to Boston to teach Spin at 7:00pm. Love  night Spin sessions.8:00pm: Grab a few groceries, a snack (these Whips are a-mazing!), then head home. At this parking lot if you buy $10 you get free parking or you pay $11 for parking. I rather “eat” $10 then pay a meter. Right?8:45pm: Get home and shower. 

9:15pm: Relax with Pat and then fall asleep around 10:00pm. Zzzz.

 Question: What did you do this Thursday? For those who practice lent, what did you give up or are doing for it?

I decided to cut back on sweets, particularly donuts. I practice moderation, but I would rather get more fruit in then donuts. So no more then 4 donuts during lent, get in veggies at least twice a week (just something!) and practice yoga/meditation twice a week (even if its just for 15mins). 🙂


This weekend I decided to unplug myself from social media; that means being on Facebook, checking Instagram, Snapchatting, blog reading and YouTube watching.


Well during yoga last week, the yoga instructor mentioned about disconnecting ourselves from social media and technology. While I couldn’t turn off my phone (for work/ personal purposes) I was logged off of all things and kept myself away.

I honestly can say I felt more relaxed as there are so many things going on, I feel like social media distracts me from my “problems.” I needed to just sit and be with myself and organize my thoughts.I went to New York to visit my family, get some health (which by the way, I feel 99.9% recovered!) things taken care of and switch cars with my dad. My car is basically “dying” so he’s going to try to fix it. My dad is pretty awesome for doing so and eventually when all things are right, I will work on getting a new car by the end of the year/ early next year. Thanks dad! Any who, I enjoyed the little things this weekend liked iced coffee.And lunch with the family.And Froyo with the moms; Peanut butter and praline frozen yogurt w/ blackberries, kiwi, almonds, granola and a peanut butter drizzle. Say what?!Making a smoothie for my mom and I post Zumba…Or maybe mommy taking taking care of me and baking some paleo cookies. So good!Now, it’s time to relax and prepare for next week’s new classes to begin!

Have a good week y’all 🙂