MIMM #45: Baby’s First Christmas [Eve]

Good morning my lovely people! It’s the first Marvelous in My Monday of the new year.I am going to share a little of our marvelous Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Sweet cup, right?We enjoyed spending time with family and loved ones. Samantha was spoiled with so much love and gifts too!
We are lucky that everyone loves her as much as we do.76e6b2d8-ff4c-4f37-9507-6696970a3f89My fiancé brought some marvelous French macaroons for dessert (among other goodies). The vanilla and pistachio were my favorite!I got a ton of Starbucks for Christmas and Questies. #Theygetme. 😉

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now it’s time to get back on track and get 2016 going! Interested in Bootcamp?

Shoot me an email at NutritiouslySweet@Gmail.com. I opened up two spaces, grab them while they are available.

Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM!!Question: What was the highlight of your Holiday?


MIMM #44: Starbucks Lover.

Breakfast… with the cold weather upon us, a marvelous cup of coffee is just the thing in the morning. Plus a delicious bowl of oats and some nuts and thangs on top has been a-mazing.And we’ve been wearing marvelous polka-dotty warm and cozy Carter’s wear.Starbucks has been my go to as of late to get work done. She tends to be very calm (sometimes even sleeps) in the Starbucks environment. Definitely my child. 😀I redeemed a free reward this week and tried this chicken flatbread post-pregnancy. It was not so marvelous! I remembered loving it before. Guess my taste buds have changed back to [mostly] norm.I’ve also been feeling pretty marvelous about how my post-baby body progress is going. After all, I do workout for a living! My tummy is tightening back up and I am seeing the quad definition come back in my legs. This is 15 weeks versus 3 weeks post-partum, not to shabby. I have a 4-week bootcamp program beginning in January. Program is designed for woman who are trying to get back to pre-baby body, lose weight or just get back on track from the holidays.

You can EVEN purchase a program for you and/ or a friend! The more the merrier.Email me at NutritiouslySweet@gmail.com.I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous In My Monday. Hope everyone enjoys their week and happy early Thanksgiving. 🙂

Question: Any Thanksgiving plans?

Traveling this week?

Where to!?

“We Rise By Lifting Others”

This weekend got me thinking about support. When people work together, amazing things can happen. There is a part of my life where this does not happen.

I won’t give too much information on it but I believe when everyone supports one another, life is beautiful. Sure we are responsible for our happiness and how we handle situations, but why must those situations exist?

Why can’t people just support one another, instead of trying to bite each others heads off. I often think of the future and how Samantha will tackle this world. I want her to be strong and see the good in everyone. But if some one or some thing is just going to be toxic, it’s best to just walk away. Some things are not meant to be fixed.

It’s not about giving up, it’s about knowing when to stop hurting yourself. This can be applied to anything; surround yourself with positive people instead of trying to fit into a crowd that will just do you no good.


I hope everyone is having a marvelous start to the week. Had to hit you with the heavy stuff first before we get into marvelous deals like these. Or this cute pumpkin face who turned three months!Or how about a marvelous Whole Foods breakfast treat?Maybe some sandwich action? Times TWO.I don’t know what it is, but I have been on a serious sandwich kick and I am not a sandwich person. It’s just quick and easy, I suppose. 😀

I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday, thanks for hosting lady!Question: Are you a sandwich person? What’s YOUR favorite combo?

MIMM #43: Cookie, Drinks & In Between.

It’s the last week of October!

What have you been up to this month?

If you missed my post yesterday I shared some marvelous tunes that are currently on my playlists for spin and Tabata class. Check it out HERE! I got my November Citrus Lane box the other day and I have to say I am in love with all the products. How cute is this marvelous “lullaby to go?Samantha was pretty excited about it herself. It was perfect to hang in the car!I think she was also excited about her new boots too! I caved the other day and got me a pumpkin spice latte. I must say the new pumpkin sauce is “not-so-marvelous.” Sadly the artificial stuff was much better in my opinion.These marvelous oatmeal cookies from Whole Foods are going to be the death of me. #CookieMonster.Marvelous is restashing my Greenberry Shakeology goodness.If you want to know more about Shakeology, shoot me a message or check out THIS post for more info!Well that is a wrap for this Marvelous Monday post! Thanks Katie for hosting 😀

MIMM #41: #Staycation

This weekend? We spent it house watching in New Hampshire.

More like fur-babysitting! At the same time it was a mini stay-cation mixed in. Today’s weekend recap is hastag style so lets get too it!

#LazyCat #RubMyBellyPlease#WhatYouWant #DontBugMe #FidgetyMunckin #HappyBaby#BabyOnTheALMOSTMove #ExtraFidgety #PregnancyDidTHISToMyHair #NotToShabby #MarvelousMe#MarvelousProteinTruffles #MixedWithGranola #Noms#FreeCoffee #ToastedAlmondLattee #FreeIsMarvelous#LastPickOfSeason #ByeByeSummerI’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday.

Question: What will YOU miss about summer? I’ll miss fresh berries and tomatoes from the garden!

MIMM#38: One Month Old.

Someone turned a whole month yesterday. To celebrate, we ate some spiced apple caramel cupcakes. What a marvelous week it has been. I’ve been using this Juice Beauty green apple moisturizer and it’s been doing wonders for my skin. It’s from the Citrus Lane mommy and baby boxy my sister-in-law sent.Samantha loves the purple rattle, complete with a mirror on the back! Can’t forget about marvelous and free lattes.Or my first spin class back!And a new favorite protein bar. Today Pat and I are enjoying a day off.

We’ve been go, go, go all the time so a nice stroll through the park, pizza and movie night is in order.

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day and week ahead!Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday. 😀

Question: Have you ever done a box subscription?

What’s your favorite group exercise class?

MIMM #37: Marvelous, Lately

Happy Monday friends 😀

Today, I am sharing some things I am finding marvelous lately [like this tea]. And these marvelous pancakes. Did you see them yesterday?Some of my favorite snacks lately.How about this marvelous find?This morning, I have my 40Week appointment. 

I am beyond ready to meet Samantha and start mommy life, as you can see.I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday, thanks for hosting 😀Question: Any marvelous things you’ve spotted lately?