MIMM #14: I’ve Got Sunshine

“I’ve got sunshine… on a cloudy day.”18891832_10103011666348360_5397744839317562992_oThe marvelous sun has been teasing us these days; sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny and of course rain. I am looking forward to some beach weather.

For now the park with the sandbox will do. 😉18768227_10103011996706320_7829397509739594156_oMarvelous is burgers! With twins, my iron levels have been pretty low. I’ve been trying to up my iron intake with the prenatal vitamin plus with food. 20170601_123608I had an angus beef burger with lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of Swiss cheese in a wrap. It was so good and hit the spot! I’ve been craving it every other week or so.

Marvelous is Bagels! Speaking of cravings, bagels is on my list this time around as it was when I was pregnant with Sammy. bagelI’ve been loving the new Sprouted Grain Vegan bagel from Starbucks. Hit’s the spot and actually fills me up better than other whole grain bagels.

Marvelous is sweater weather! Although I do want summer, I do enjoy a crisp “fall” breeze in the air here and there.20170530_160028How cute is that Hello Kitty sweater my mom got Sammy?

Marvelous is Hollar.com: Hollar is an online “dollar store.” Do It On A Dime featured them one of her videos. She rocks for cheap DIY and organizing tips!20170605_130222 There are plenty of items that are above $1 but you can find almost anything you can think of from snacks to household needs. I love online shopping, especially if I have some free time on my break at work. 20170605_130301We’ve been needing an HDMI cable and I got this one for only $5 (works perfect). I also got this corner rack to make space in our pots and pan cabinet.20170603_082546 It’s technically for plates but she used it for the pots and I loved it – less noise too. I got all of these items for under $35.00 and free shipping. I will definitely be ordering again from Hollar.

That’s it for this edition of Marvelous in My Monday!MIMMHope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. 🙂


MIMM #13: Babies & Such

Happy Monday friends!

There has been so many marvelous things happening this month, that I thought I’d drop by and share a few with you all. The last Marvelous in my Monday post was on November 21st, which was quite some time ago…20170517_135316Marvelous is… Pregnancy Announcements:

“Hey mom and dad, if you think I’m trouble, wait until I get my TWO partners in crime this December.” Yes you read that correctly, TWO babies in my belly. We just found out that part this week.

Last week my doctor said I was measure 4 weeks early then I said my last “monthly” was. Now it totally makes sense why. Twins= 4 weeks sooner for everything (including the “not so marvelous” nausea).20170518_105830It was quite the shock but we are excited for our family of five adventure. It’s what I experienced growing up being the oldest of three.

On to some other marvelous things this past month…20170513_121148Marvelous is… Stonyfield’s Fair (5/13): Mother’s day was celebrated a day earlier at the Gendrons. I really wanted to go this fair for the last two year and we finally made it!20170513_113504There were so many marvelous vendors; 20170513_175245Stonyfield yogurt (of course), American Flatbread, Applegate, Cliff bars and other local shops and spots in New Hampshire. 20170519_174144Marvelous is… Beach weather! I love being able to go outside and enjoy the sand in my toes and feeling the breeze from the water. 20170519_171427It’s a nice break from being indoors and finding activities to do when it’s “not so marvelous” outside. Not to mention Sammy loves playing in the sand and stays pretty occupied.
Marvelous is… Breakfast Kind bars: There are some days that I have to work at 4:30am and no way am I eating breakfast at home at 3:45 in the morning.

These are marvelous to take a bite or two while I’m not too hungry in the morning but know my body needs something, especially with TWO humans stealing my nutrients. 😉

I pair with a banana too. This particular day, I had half left so I saved it for a mid-afternoon pick me up.MIMMThat’s a wrap for this Marvelous in my Monday post! I am linking up with Katie over at Healthy Dive Life. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Spring weather.

Have a great week. 🙂

MIMM #45: Baby’s First Christmas [Eve]

Good morning my lovely people! It’s the first Marvelous in My Monday of the new year.I am going to share a little of our marvelous Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Sweet cup, right?We enjoyed spending time with family and loved ones. Samantha was spoiled with so much love and gifts too!
We are lucky that everyone loves her as much as we do.76e6b2d8-ff4c-4f37-9507-6696970a3f89My fiancĂ© brought some marvelous French macaroons for dessert (among other goodies). The vanilla and pistachio were my favorite!I got a ton of Starbucks for Christmas and Questies. #Theygetme. 😉

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now it’s time to get back on track and get 2016 going! Interested in Bootcamp?

Shoot me an email at NutritiouslySweet@Gmail.com. I opened up two spaces, grab them while they are available.

Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM!!Question: What was the highlight of your Holiday?

MIMM #44: Starbucks Lover.

Breakfast… with the cold weather upon us, a marvelous cup of coffee is just the thing in the morning. Plus a delicious bowl of oats and some nuts and thangs on top has been a-mazing.And we’ve been wearing marvelous polka-dotty warm and cozy Carter’s wear.Starbucks has been my go to as of late to get work done. She tends to be very calm (sometimes even sleeps) in the Starbucks environment. Definitely my child. 😀I redeemed a free reward this week and tried this chicken flatbread post-pregnancy. It was not so marvelous! I remembered loving it before. Guess my taste buds have changed back to [mostly] norm.I’ve also been feeling pretty marvelous about how my post-baby body progress is going. After all, I do workout for a living! My tummy is tightening back up and I am seeing the quad definition come back in my legs. This is 15 weeks versus 3 weeks post-partum, not to shabby. I have a 4-week bootcamp program beginning in January. Program is designed for woman who are trying to get back to pre-baby body, lose weight or just get back on track from the holidays.

You can EVEN purchase a program for you and/ or a friend! The more the merrier.Email me at NutritiouslySweet@gmail.com.I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous In My Monday. Hope everyone enjoys their week and happy early Thanksgiving. 🙂

Question: Any Thanksgiving plans?

Traveling this week?

Where to!?

MIMM #39: Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice!

It’s not secret that pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is in the air. I even contributed and whipped up some nutty pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies this past week.  This fidgety little pumpkin spice though is my favorite of them all. Don’t worry, I’m still consuming other marvelous non-pumpkin things.Of course, some toffee nut Starbucks goodness is always in order. Free coffee? Yes please!I’ve also been obsessed with this marvelous grey pullover from Walmart. Perfect on those chilly mornings before I head to teach or the gym.By the way, I am six weeks post partum, crazy huh?

It’s been another crazy week in my household. Work is starting to pick back up and spending time with the pumpkin is always on the agenda. Go check out the oatmeal cookie recipe – you won’t be disappointing!

Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous In My Monday. 😀Question: Where do you BUY your workout/ gym swag? I need more ideas!

MIMM#38: One Month Old.

Someone turned a whole month yesterday. To celebrate, we ate some spiced apple caramel cupcakes. What a marvelous week it has been. I’ve been using this Juice Beauty green apple moisturizer and it’s been doing wonders for my skin. It’s from the Citrus Lane mommy and baby boxy my sister-in-law sent.Samantha loves the purple rattle, complete with a mirror on the back! Can’t forget about marvelous and free lattes.Or my first spin class back!And a new favorite protein bar. Today Pat and I are enjoying a day off.

We’ve been go, go, go all the time so a nice stroll through the park, pizza and movie night is in order.

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day and week ahead!Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday. 😀

Question: Have you ever done a box subscription?

What’s your favorite group exercise class?

MIMM #37: Marvelous, Lately

Happy Monday friends 😀

Today, I am sharing some things I am finding marvelous lately [like this tea]. And these marvelous pancakes. Did you see them yesterday?Some of my favorite snacks lately.How about this marvelous find?This morning, I have my 40Week appointment. 

I am beyond ready to meet Samantha and start mommy life, as you can see.I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday, thanks for hosting 😀Question: Any marvelous things you’ve spotted lately?