Thinking Out Loud #19: Finding Balance

I have to be honest, past few days I have been feeling like crapola.

At least this little babe keeps me smiling. I’ve been nauseous, having massive migraines, very tired… I haven’t been sleeping the best either for obvious reasons.

Apparently there is such a thing as postpartum nauseau which can results from several things including dehydration, low iron, poor sleep and so forth.

Those three have just been horrible for me. I haven’t been taking my iron (and I’m slightly anemic) just because I simply forget and I remember as I am in bed and have no energy to take. Since my stomach has felt funny and the constant migraines, I tend to drink less water. I’m sure drinking water would help me much more but at this point, I am just so blah. I probably went back to¬†work a week earlier then I should have, but I had all the energy and I was just ready for a routine change.

I hadn’t been working for almost 6 weeks and I wanted to get back into the grove. So now I am taking things down a notch and making some schedule changes. I am always a mom but I am a “full-time mom” 4-5 days a week. The 2 days that Pat is off, he takes care of her while I’ll work or study. Sometimes we split it if I am off that day. Most Sundays, my in-laws will watch Samantha while we both work.

Where is my off time? I need to really get into a groove of planning some time to myself to just veg on one of Pat’s days off. You definitely need the “you time” to keep yourself refreshed.

Even if you are not a mom, if you’re in school or working, you need to take a moment to yourself.

Me? I’m working on it. ūüėÄ

Sometimes just taking a few minutes to kick back, flip through Instagram and enjoy a cookie is all I need.Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking out LOUD Thursdays. What’s on YOUR¬†mind?

How do you take “me time?”


MIMM #28: Birthday Love

This week was all about our marvelous new place. We officially moved in Thursday night. It’s been a busy and back and forth week moving our things.Here’s a better view of my favorite room.Bun-Bun likes it too. This weekend was¬†also¬†the fianc√©’s birthday.He had to work most of the weekend, but I¬†still¬†managed¬†to squeeze in some birthday love ‚̧And a little marvelous BBQ-ish dinner. Of course, he still¬†to surprises me with marvelous goodies too.That’s a wrap for this week’s MIMM. Thanks to the lovely Katie for hosting and I hope everyone has a marvelous Sunday/ Monday!

Question: Did you partake in any dessert eating this week?

I think it’s safe to say I had enough for a few weekends ūüėČ

MIMM #27: Busy Bee!

I pretty much did post much last week.

This week seemed to fly by between work, projects, appointments and a million errands. On Thursday, Pat and I went to see an apartment (which was a fail) but¬†at least lunch at Red Robin’s was marvelous.And dessert later was just as marvelous. Last week, I also participated in a¬†marvelous¬†photo shoot for one of the studios I work for.And had a delicious lunch after. So simple!This past weekend, my mother-in-law and I started prepping some goodies for the baby shower.Homemade lollies (also in dark and yellow-white chocolate) and bags with “It’s A Girl” Hershey kisses.Also a few personalized candy mason jars with custom M&Ms for a few special ladies in my life ‚̧And ended with marvelous DIY tinted eos lip balm making (check YouTube for vids).This week is not too busy, but the apartment search will continue. Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy MIMM and thanks Katie for hosting!

Question: Did you have a busy week?

Any favorite DIY projects you have?

MIMM #25: Dates & Gains

Oh hello there marvelous sweetness!‚̧Marvelous is spending time with this guy.Enjoying a day out… And eating good food.Noms ‚̧ Marvelous is¬†making those #babygains.And fueling my body right.Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday! Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM ūüôā

Question: Do you like mini golf?

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Thinking Out Loud #8: <3

Today’s thoughts?

Dresses {26Weeks} ‚̧And all the Starbucks in the world!Donuts, can’t forget donuts!Fury friends… And pizza ūüėČI’ve been spinning more as of the past couple of weeks. I even¬†did a double spin session on Wednesday, so a lot of carbs have been in order. #PostSpinSelfie.Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking of Loud! Spin and donuts and lattes are on my mind this Thursday.

Question: What’s on yours?

Thinking Out Loud #6: Spring Is Here!

Today is my mom’s birthday.So I made her some protein brownie doughnuts.Mmmm doughnuts. Happy birthday mom ‚̧It’s so nice that spring (for the most part) is finally here! Yay for warm walks and¬†pizza nights out on the porch.¬†Plus¬†lots of iced coffee!And way more leggings.And of course, more yoga ‚̧All things Spring ¬†are on my mind this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and thanks to Amanda for hosting #thinkingoutLOUD!Question: Are you thinking Spring this week?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy warmer weather?

Thinking Out Loud #2: Sweetie & Sweets

Ahh¬†mornings.It’s my last work day¬†Thursday; then I will be off Mondays, Wednesdays¬†and Thursdays.

I decided to give up another couple of classes because I am noticing that I am getting short of breath sooner. I’m not even pushing myself to 100% (maybe 85%) but with baby getting bigger¬†and my small upper body frame where my ribs/ diaphragm are, it isn’t a good combo.


 Positive things on my mind?

This weather.¬†I am able to do “porch” yoga again. This week is supposed to be all in the upper 40’s!Homemade Pancakes: Strawberry and Dark chocolate to be exact.¬†My friend, Amy is just the best! Baby Stuff. I mean just how cute is this¬†giraffe¬†blanket? Macaroons. Patrick got me some French¬†macaroons from Whole Foods¬†and this raspberry one is delicious! I like vanilla ones but there is a pistachio one I really want to try,¬†*hint hint Patrick.*¬†Flowers ‚̧ He also got me some beautiful flowers that I woke up to Tuesday¬†morning. My favorite colors; green and gold to represent UVM. However,¬†I am sure they have something to do with St. Patrick’s Day.Lastly?

Protein Truffles. It’s so nice to crave these dark chocolate bad boys again! I’ve been making my protein truffles again and I even created a recipe (different from the¬†ones I sell) for all of you to try so be sure to check it out. I am linking up with Amanda today over at Running With Spoons. Thanks for hosting Thinking out Loud!

Question: Regular macaroons or French? I like both ūüėČ