Shoulders, Chest & Tri’s Pump! (Workout)

Good morning y’all!Since last time we spoke, I’ve been mixing up my workout days even more.

I find myself modifying or combining my strength training and doing yoga more often. I’m still mixing shoulders with chest and tri’s and mixing lower body with back and bi’s.

Today’s workout is all about shoulders, chest and tri’s.

I like to incorporate yoga because vinyasa yoga tends to be very shoulder and tricep focused, at least for me. I used 5lbs weights for all exercises except the upright rows, I used 10lbs.

This workout should take you about 30-45 mins to complete, depending on amount of sets. If you do the yoga segments for your warm-up and cool-down, it will take about 60 mins.

Let’s get down to today’s workout, shall we?


Warm-Up: 5 minutes on your favorite cardio equipment [or do this yoga on Youtube to warm up]

Exercises; 3-4 Sets of 12 Reps for Each

  • Hammer Curls
  • Shoulder Press
  • Upright Row
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • [Bent-Over] Chest Flyes
  • Chest Press (On floor or on Stability Ball)
  • Alternating Lateral to Medial Flyes
  • [Over-Head] Tricep Extensions

Cool-Down: 5-10 minutes or do another yoga segment.


If you missed the back & lower bod workout, click here.

If you’re looking for your own personalized workout (and meal plan), feel free to check out my Online Coaching. Feel free to email me with any questions at

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Question: What’s your favorite body part to workout?


MIMM #19: Weekend Recap!

Happy MIMM from bunny to you ❤Seriously, above is the cutest picture I have taken of her! 

This week seemed to drag since I feeling well, but at least there were some goodies involved like this Napoleon pastry.Or pizza. Or this Morning Star veggie burger on a baguette with laughing cow cheese wedge, tomato and the sauce below. For Friday night’s dinner, we had some delicious pasta using Bove’s pasta sauce.Bove’s is a family owned Italian restaurant in Burlington, Vermont. I remember going there in college in 2008. Seemed so long ago.I did manage to sneak in a workout; THIS ONE to be specific. Please check it out 🙂We went to dinner at the in-laws Saturday night. Definitely starting to look pregnant!And lastly, we went to TD Garden last night!Had some Ghirardelli ice cream on the way. And I saw my first basketball game.I am a baseball girl at heart but it was a nice way to end the weekend with Patrick. That’s a wrap for this Marvelous in My Monday. Thank you Katie for hosting and hope everyone has a great week! Question: What are you up to this week? I am off to Vermont and then a full work week ahead. 🙂

Lower Bod & Back Workout

If you’ve read my blog or follow me on Instagram,

You know my two favorite training days are legs and back. I don’t know why, just is! My least favorite is shoulders and that’s probably because I have a slight rotator’s cuff. Any who, since morning sickness began in pregnancy, my training suffered and I dropped down to maybe 1-2 times a week.

It was tough, after getting back into the swing of 4-5 times a week training. I got a lot of my energy back during the 11th week of pregnancy, but I used my energy wisely for when I taught classes.

I didn’t want to exhaust myself with personal workouts and let my classes suffer. The last workout I posted was a lower body and abs Tabata routine, which you can check out here!

Lately, I’ve been mixing workout days. I used to do a Shoulders & Chest, Bi’s & Tri’s, Lower Body and a Back day. Now I tend to mix shoulders, chest and tri’s and mix lower body with back and bi’s.Today’s workout, however, doesn’t have bi’s mixed, but feel free to throw in some bicep curls instead of the one handed dumbbell rows. I used 10lbs weights for all exercises except the flyes, I used 5lbs. Let’s get down to today’s workout, shall we?


Warm-Up: 10 minutes (moderate intensity) on your favorite cardio equipment ( I usually do treadmill)!

Exercises; Each 3-4 Sets of 10 Reps

  • Pull-down
  • Upright Row
  • Bent-Over Row
  • One Handed Dumbbell Row
  • Alternating Lateral to Medial Flyes
  • Sumo Squat
  • Weighted Plié “Squat”
  • Sumo Deadlift

Cool-Down: 10-15 minutes, steady pace on your favorite cardio equipment [or do a yoga segment!]


This workout should take you about 45-60mins to complete. Of course, if you do that yoga segment I linked to you, it will take about 65-75 minutes to complete. I like to save that for the days I have extra time.

If you’re short on time you can just do 2-3 sets of the exercises. Either way, you’ll get a nice lower bod and back workout that you’ll surely feel the next day or two. Be sure to hydrate replenish your body after!Question: Do you mix you separate your muscle groups or do more total body workouts?

Spin Playlist #1: My Top 12

As I sit here eating my Saturday morning multigrain croissant from Barnes and Nobles, it got me thinking.I’ve been having trouble finding good spin music, so I decided to get Pandora One for a month and listen to a little bit of everything from artist I like.

I’ve been finding some old school (and new, of course) for my spin playlists and workouts. If you teach spin or like to bike on your own, I put next to each song what I use it for in class. Feel free to do your own thing!

Alright, here are my top 12 songs currently swirling around in my playlist!

1. I Want You To Know ft. Selena Gomez by Zedd (I use this for a warmup)

2. Love Me Again (Love Thy Brother Remix) by John Newman (another good warmup song)

3. Mambo #5 by Lou Bega (Fun for a jump/ sprint combo)

4. I Need Your Love ft. Mohombi, Faydee, Costi by Shaggy (Good vibe for fun jump/ hill combo)

5. Your Love (Kevin Wild Remix) by The Outfield (Sprints)

6. Reload by Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash & John Martin (Sprints)

7. Judas by Lady Gaga (Heavy hill and jumps combo – a killer!)

8. Booty (feat. Pitbull) by Jennifer Lopez (Hill, sometimes I throw in jumps too)

9. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (Heavy Hill)

10. My Body by Young the Giant (Hill)

11. Sugar by Maroon 5 (Sweet cool down)

12. Superstar by Lupe Fiasco (another good cool down)

There you have it, my top 12 spin/ workout songs currently playing in my iPod!

Question: What songs are you currently jamming while you workout/ spin?

Tender, Love & Care <3

Call me cheesy, but I like Valentine’s Day. 

I always send my parents (and friends) Valentine’s goodies. It’s a time to celebrate love and really do something special. Like having your friend take you out for breakfast; noms! There are people that say Valentine’s Day is every day. Yes, I get it. I love Patrick everyday, but I still want my chocolates.

 Speaking of chocolate, I was waiting for Pat’s day five to come in the mail, but with snow storms, it was delayed.

Naturally, I drew it out for him and gave him a couple of chocolates instead. It’s a cute welcome mat that says “All you need is love,”  since he loves the Beatles.Day #6 was a date night! He has a few choices to pick from and he picked Olive Garden. We both got their 4 course for $12.99. It was A LOT of food and there are plenty of leftovers.I also got myself a Valentine’s. I got this cute little monkey that just called my name and a prenatal massage! I can’t wait, because my back needs some serious, professional TLC.As my pregnancy continues, I find myself doing more yoga. It just feels much better on my joints and my mind. And a decaf soy latte post yoga ain’t hurt nobody 😉I am going to enjoy a quiet morning with the bunny bun-bun, then it’s off to teach spin! Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe.

Beware, it’s Friday the 13th!

Question: Any Valentine’s Day stick out to you in your mind? Are you superstitious?

Lower Body & Abs Tabata Workout!

It’s that time again; the weekend is here.

This week has been a crazy one. I taught a cardio circuit, two spin classes, four Tabata and a stretch/abs class. Each portion is only a half hour or it may be an hour total with the classes back to back.

Not to mention a shoe malfunction during spin class and let’s just say I hurt my shin pretty badly. I did do a fun lower body/ abs focused Tabata workout that I will be sharing. For this workout, you are going to need a set of light to medium dumbbells. I say stick to the lighter side because we are doing high reps in Tabata.

You perform as many reps as you can of the exercise for 20 seconds, the rest for 10; repeat for 8 rounds for a total of FOUR minutes.

There will be TWO exercises per set, so be sure to alternate. Once you are done with a set, then you can rest for one minute and repeat the following sets.

For example, set one you would do weighted squats for 20 seconds, then rest for 10. Then do jump squats for 20 seconds, rest for 10.

Repeat back to the weight squats and continue for 8 rounds total! We have 5 sets and it should take about 25 minutes.

Ready? And go!

5 Sets: 20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off for 8 Rounds!

Set 1 (alternate between exercises)

  • Weighted Squats
  • Jump Squats

Sets 2

  • Squat Hold
  • Jumping Jacks

Set 3

  • Alternating Lunges
  • Straight Leg Deadlift

Set 4 

  • Push-Ups
  • Plank Hold

Set 5

  • Abdominal Crunches
  • Bicycle Crunches

Good luck and be sure to warm up and cool down!

Question: What kind of workouts do you like to do? Yoga, spin, Tabata, kickboxing, weight lifting or a little bit of everything?

I’m Addicted To Spin [+ Quick 20 Minute Bike HIIT]

I confess I have become addicted to spin class. If you are in the Northshore area of MA, definitely try to take a spin class from Rich at Workout World in Peabody or at the Peabody YMCA. He is amazing and gives you a kick butt (literally) and leg workout! I also just love to do the bike on my own for 30 minutes. I started doing the bike to relieve the pressure in my lower back/ kidney area. But now I think I am hooked and I feel amazing after a bike sesh.And now, here is a 20 minute HIIT. All you need is a bike (or your choice cardio), some weights (I used 10lbs) and a timer. I use the A HIIT Interval Timer app on my phone. You target legs with the bike and squats, a little bit of back, shoulders, bi’s, traps and core. Now here we go!

Quick Bike HIIT:

All you have to do is set your “cardio” to 1 minute and 15 seconds and the “weights” part to 45 seconds; set for 10 rounds. Start with a warm-up on the bike for about 3-5minutes, then begin your timer.

Sprint for 1 minute, 15 seconds then hop off the bike (safely) and perform as many of each of the following exercises in 45 seconds. There are 5 exercises, so this means you’ll go through this set twice.

Repeat until all 10 rounds are complete for 20 minutes!

  1. Lateral Pulldown
  2. Upright Row
  3. Chest Flies
  4. Weighted Squat
  5. Standing Torso Rotations/ Russian Twists

Cool down for 3-5 minutes and you’re done!


After yesterday’s spin class I mixed this packet of milk chocolate Muscletech protein powder with 1/4 cup of Fage Greek and mixed in some water/milk combo until it reached a thick chocolate pudding consistany. Oh man this was like the best tasting thing ever! It has 6 sources of high quality protein and is formulated for an 8-hour release of sustained energy. I also used some to mix in my “protein coffee. Mmmm!Getting them gains back!Question: What’s your favorite group exercise classes? What about your favorite workout?