Stand Up Paddleboarding [Guest Post]

Good morning y’all.

This month I am having a few guest posts here on Fit Coffee Mom on Thursdays. One thing that has been on my “to-do” list is stand up paddleboading or ‘SUP’ for short.

What is SUP? Well I am bringing on of my virtual friends, Jenna, to tell you all about it! Now that I am not pregnant or recovering from surgery this summer, I can be more active!

One of my favorite Yoga studios in the Northshore, Yoga Sakti, holds paddleboard classes. Be sure to check out their website for their class schedule!

On to Jenna’s post…


Stand up paddleboarding has been one of the fastest growing sports these last several years, and for good reason. It provides an incredible workout but is very low impact. People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy paddleboarding.

‘SUP’ also gives you an amazing view of your surroundings, much different than if you were to be viewing from a kayak or swimming in the water. I’m so pumped that Sabrina has asked me to write a guest post about stand-up paddleboarding because it is one of my very favorite things.

My name is Jenna and I’m a yoga teacher in Oakland County, MI. I am so lucky to live in a beautiful area full of lakes and rivers. I tried paddleboarding for the first time two summers ago, quickly fell in love and purchased a board of my own.

Last summer I began SUP Yoga classes at the yoga studio I teach for and teamed up with a local paddleboard dealer to offer rental boards for our students.

If you haven’t yet been out on a SUP, I would highly recommend trying it out if you have the chance to do so. Today I’m here to share my tips for having the most enjoyable SUP experience possible!IMG_1879.JPG

  1. Safety First

Well, this one probably goes without saying! My favorite tip to help be safe is to always paddle with a buddy! Paddling with a friend (or many friends) is a great way for you to be active together. Choose your paddling weather wisely. If you are new to SUP, you might not enjoy your first experience if you are trying to battle fierce winds or really choppy water. Be sure to check the forecast before you head out.

You don’t want to be far away from your launch point when a storm rolls in (or, I wouldn’t want to be at least)! In addition to checking your weather and bringing a friend, make sure you that you are aware of the PFD regulations in your area. Life jackets are not always required, but they do make lightweight, inflatable PFDs that you can wear. Some paddlers will keep a life jacket on deck. In addition to any PFDs, it is HIGHLY advisable that you wear an ankle leash while paddling. It’s a simple, unobtrusive way to stay connected to your board no matter what.

  1. Be Prepared

One of the things I love about paddleboarding is that I can stay out for hours, but when you’re going to be outside for hours in the summer you need to be prepared! A few essentials I would recommend to anyone who SUPs on a regular basis are a waterproof phone case and a dry bag. It’s nice for at least one person in your group to bring their phone just in case of any emergencies, and you also might want to capture some pictures of your adventure! A dry bag is great for storing car keys, your phone and anything else that you may want to bring on the water with you.

Some other things that you may want to consider bringing along are: water (or perhaps an adult beverage?), sunscreen, bugspray, an anchor, and flip flops. I don’t wear shoes while paddling but I have encountered situations where we had to carry our gear from one body of water to another and it was definitely nice to not do it barefoot! If you are really getting serious about the sport, some other fun accessories I like to bring along are: cupholder that suctions onto your board, a small cooler, and a waterproof speaker! If anyone in your group has a GoPro or similar, encourage them to bring it along for some amazing shots!

  1. Use Your Core

IMG_3204At first it can be tempting to power through with your arms, but this will cause you to tire out way faster than using your core! Proper paddle technique will go a long way. Make sure that your paddle is the proper height: Stand straight and reach one arm straight up towards the sky. That’s how tall your paddle should be. Grip the top handle with one hand, then your opposite hand is lower on the paddle (not too close together).

Keep your arms locked straight and think about using your torso to paddle. You have more strength in your abdominal muscles than in your arms. The stroke will be in a straight line alongside the board. Relax while paddling, you don’t have to power through it too much. Paddle about half a dozen strokes on one side, then reverse your hand position and paddle to the other side.

If you feel nervous about standing or falling off, especially if you encounter some choppy water, you can always begin, or come down onto, your knees and paddle from there! You can begin in a low-kneel with your hips on your heels, then come up to high-kneel with the hips over the knees.

When standing on your board, keep your feet about hip’s-width apart and knees slightly bent to help balance.

  1. Tips to consider when purchasing a paddleboard

Buying a paddleboard has been one of my favorite purchases ever, but there are definitely some things you’ll want to consider before buying a board, and I wish someone would have told me. The biggest consideration is that it’s not just the board you’ll be buying. Some boards come with a paddle, but many do not. You may also need to purchase an ankle leash, a board bag, and possibly a roof rack, as well as any other fun accessories. Plus you may need to have the board delivered; it all adds up quick.

Think about where you will store your board as well. I live in an apartment and am lucky that my parents live 5 minutes away and have room for me to store my board in their garage. Keep in mind that these things are HUGE! My board is 11.5 feet long – make sure that you will have room store your board in your garage, shed, or wherever. If you get a racing board or are a really tall rider, your board may be closer to 14 feet long. It is not recommended to leave a board outside in the sun for storage because the heat will eventually warp the board from the inside.

Here is some other great information to read before you choose a paddleboard, this helped me immensely when I was trying to figure out what type of board to purchase:

  1. Have Fun!

Any time you get on a paddleboard is an opportunity to enjoy the moment, enjoy the water, and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Even your little ones or fur babies can come out as passengers on a board! You can do it in practically any body of water, and people of all ages, experience and physical fitness can enjoy this sport together! Should you have the chance to give it a try, I would not pass it up!

– Jenna Penfound, RYT500 yoga teacher. Michigan. SUP enthusiast. Hedgehog mom. Bookworm.

Find me at or on Instagram @jennapenfound


Thanks Jenna so much for being my guest today on the blog. If you love the outdoors and being active, get out there, find a class and get your “SUP” on!


Thinking Out LOUD #22: Christmas Eve.

Happy Christmas Eve folks! 
1048233_10102400078704900_5863583484291539654_oShe can hardly wait. ❤

The holidays are an exciting time, but they can get stressful. Be sure to take time for yourself and unwind. Making sure that you fuel yourself right too. It’s easy to forget about nutrition during these times. Donuts are usually on my mind, so I am glad to find an alternative to my vice. This one is a must try. 😉How could I forget about Samantha’s new sister/ Christmas gift? Meet our adopted child, Leia. Yes we watch Star Wars. #nerds 😀

Hope everyone enjoys the holidays! Nutritiously Sweet will be on break until January 4th! Stay tuned for some fun posts including more workouts, yoga poses, healthy living tips and more. Thanks Amanda for hosting thinking out LOUD Thursdays!

Question: Any special holiday plans?

We are off to my in-laws tonight, then we are hosting Christmas lunch. #foodcoma. 😉

MIMM #36: “Day In The Life”

Happy Sunday friends!

It’s been a while since I posted a “Day in the Life of” postFriday’s were supposed to be designated for these posts but I also did mention it would be a day off or Friday Favorites.

Since having my last day of work almost two weeks ago, I decided to share what I do now in a typical day on leave. I plan to resume work [part-time] August 29th and instruct starting mid-September.


4:00am: Samantha’s kicking wakes me up and she gives me the “bladder good morning hug.” After, I head back to bed.

7:30am: Officially wake up, brush my teeth and get ready to start my day.

8:00am: Breakfast! I’ve been on an “proatmeal” kick.8:30am: While finishing up, I read up on Yoga. I am starting a Yoga Teacher Training through Aura Wellness for my Vinyasa certification. It’s been two years that I have been putting it off… think now is a good time.

9:45am: Snack time!

10:30am: Stretch! Workouts have officially stopped during week 38, so it’s walking and stretching for this mommy-to-be.11:15am: Shower and get ready to head out for a few errands. 

12:00pm: Marvelous is a Starbucks stop. 2:00pm: I ended up at Subway for lunch and had a turkey, Swiss, cucumber, tomato and spinach on honey oat bread. I also had pretzels and a plum on side.

3:00pm: Come back home, do some laundry and torture play with Bun-Bun.5:30pm: Get started on dinner for Pat and I.

5:45pm: Smoothie break!6:00pm: Finished dinner and cleaning up kitchen. Time to relax with Netflix and wait for Pat to get home.

8:30pm: Pat comes home, we eat dinner and relax for the rest of the night.

10:00pm: Bedtime 🙂


I’m linking up with Katie for an early MIMM, thanks for hosting! Hope everyone has a wonderful week 😀

Question: What do you typically do on YOUR days off?

Thinking Out Loud #14: Summer Vibes

Where has the week gone?

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. PiYo anyone?This week has been wonderful. From celebrating our anniversary. Having our 38 Week check-up. To some sweet packages. Plenty of smoothies have also been enjoyed. And lots of bunny funnies in between.Today I am linking up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud. Thanks for hosting!Question: What’s on your mind? Any weekend plans?

Friday Favorites #1: Pregnancy Edition

Happy Friday my friends! (have you seen the new header?) 🙂

Or for me, it really isn’t “Friday” persay but, I do have a fun Friday Favorites post for y’all today – “the pregnancy edition.”

I decided to update y’all on EIGHT of my current favorite workouts, snacks, etc. during the Third Trimester.

Up until 27/28 weeks, I was doing spin 1-2x’s a week, yoga (1-2x’s) and strength training (1-2x’s).Now I do a lot more walking (3x’s a week), yoga (1-2x’s) and maybe one strength training routine or Barre class.

Favorite YouTube Yoga Quickie: Tone It Up’s Bikini Yoga.

Favorite YouTube Workout: During the second trimester, I was loving the Kettletoning from TIU. I still love it! I modify and skip most of the abs (and just repeat some of the arms/ lower body exercises in the video). I use a 10lbs Kettlebell and sometimes 5lb weights, if needed.Favorite Workout Quickie: My Kettlebell Torch routine!

Favorite Protein Bar: Luna Bars. I just love them and the extra bit of iron.Favorite Protein’d Snack: Greek yogurt. I’ve been in berry flavor mode 😉Favorite Sweet Snack: I’ve been on a plum and banana kick for quick sweet goodness.Favorite Healthy Fat: Chunky Peanut Butter. I’ve been in need of them chunks! Favorite Workout Bra: My D’s are currently loving this Danskin Now fitted bar in XL from Wal-Mart.  I’m linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites today. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!Question: What are some of your current favorites for one or two of the categories above?

Thinking Out Loud #11: Settling In

It’s officially been a week since we moved into our new place.We are slowly settling in ❤ And starting the decorating process… Oh, and I am officially in month eight of pregnancyStill managing to fit in some workouts here and there.And fueling my body right for baby and I. Speaking of baby, Baby Gendron had an ultrasound this week to check on her growth (was too big) but now she is on point. No oversized baby coming 😉After all, she needs to fit into her teeny tiny newborn bathing suit my cousin bought her!Those are the things on my mind. Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. Thanks Amanda for hosting!Question: With nicer weather, do your workouts stay the same or do you change it up?