[Not A] Fun Finds Friday

This week has been [yet another] crazy week. Between moving, starting school and starting my new work schedule, I haven’t had time to think. But now that class has started (and the teacher seems awesome by the way) and I am slowly getting use to my work schedule (I do split shifts with a four hour gap in between) I am finally able to relax a bit.I finished moving all my stuff into the new room. It may look a bit different then the previous picture and well, that’s because it is. I found a better living situation (and cheaper if I may add) and it accepts kitties! I’m going to let my parentals hang with Mr. Herc for a while until I reclaim him, hehe.So that’s the room and my favorite part is all the flower pictures; some are mine, some were already there. It’s nice, cozy and great atmosphere. I am still in Salem, just on a different side. It’s quiet, which means a better mood for studying.Yesterday the crisp fall air was upon on. I took no time to whip out my favorite fall work outfit. And yes, my hair is growing longer. Never again will I let the crazy hairdresser cut it so short again. Ever.I even had a nice warm lunch that consisted of tomato basil soup with Wasa sourdough bread crackers (only has a “may contain traces of wheat” warning, which is a-ok for me) topped with melted butter, garlic and basil.Snack? Well I suppose it’s the only find for the week. I found these protein fit bars by South Beach Diet when I was in New York last time. I notice that it only has a couple of corn derivatives, but I decided to give them a try since Odwalla and Luna Bars don’t bother me (except certain ones).I must say, it was really yummy and kept me full. It has 9 grams of protein for 130 calories (versus Luna Bars are 9 grams of protein for 170-190 calories). But, it did make my tummy unhappy. I shall not purchase them again for that reason, but I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you spot them!Dinner last night was also delicious. I showed this meal in my last What I Ate Wednesday post. Black beans, green beans and a chicken burger patty. It’s just so clean, hearty and filling; lots of protein and fiber.Tonight, I am going to relax and enjoy some Netflix. Tomorrow is work then some homework, weekly cooking (and meal planning), gym, and more me time. I don’t take me time too often, but when I do I quite enjoy it.

Happy Weekend 🙂


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