Shenanigans This Week

One more day til Friday. That means I have a day off, whoot. This week has just been one of the “what the hell happened” week. In a good way of course. I’ve built bonds of [unexpected] friendship, I got a little extra money and school is going quite well. Oh and Mr. Hercules is a happy kitty, which makes me a happy lady.My “diet change” up has been going great (yum, basil parmesan pasta with shaved parmesan and broccoli). My added sugar intake has been in check and I feel amazing! Although, I was actually craving pizza and I knew I had to give in or else. What to do? I decided I was just going to make pizza on a wrap.I headed to Trader Joe’s to grab some brown rice wraps. Since I had a little extra time, I walked around to see if there was anything else that may work its way into my basket. Like some tofu to make my garlic baked tofu.And there it was in the freezer section; new gluten-free three cheese pizza for only $4.99 with TWO servings. I yanked it off the shelf and couldn’t wait to devour it.I topped it with lots of spinach (that shrank lol), a little shaved parmesan and basil. Taste? Amazing! It was similar to the Uno’s gluten-free pizza, which is great because it’s obviously more expensive at the resturant. I can finally put my pizza craving at bay.Believe it or not that is the NUMBER ONE thing I have an issue with. Finding a good and cheap pre-made meal. And I finally found the perfect one!

Now for your enjoyment, here are some random shenanigans for you about me for this week:

  1. I’ve been going to the gym past 10:00pm… and sometimes in the morning too.
  2. I now crave salty foods, not sweet. WTH?!
  3. I now weigh 144lbs and I am quite happy with how my body is looking.
  4. I’ve become addicted to Bartlett pears thanks to my mom.
  5. Herc likes to poop in my friend’s cat litter box. Weirdo!

Question: How about you? Any crazy shenanigans for you this week?


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